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Why this year there will not be a Xiaomi Mi 7? Xiaomi explains it


Yesterday we wrote an article trying to clarify a bit all the confusion generated around the upcoming Xiaomi event to be held on May 31 in Shenzhen, China. The first rumors about the company’s next flaghisp pointed to the presentation of the Xiaomi Mi 7, but little by little the news that the Xiaomi Mi 8 would appear in the event has gotten stronger and stronger. Now we know the reason, that there will not be a Xiaomi Mi 7.

It was Xiaomi herself who wanted to clarify the matter a few days of this multitudinous act, although the truth is that it is not that it has been expanded in words, but rather an advertising poster with a couple of sentences have served to give shelve the controversy.

There will not be a Xiaomi Mi 7 because it was not up to par

It is clear that Xiaomi’s move is nothing more than an elaborate marketing strategy aimed at increasing expectations about its next terminal, since in the end that using one number or another does not affect at all the characteristics of the device, as is logical .

This year is the eighth anniversary of Xiaomi, and if we add that the number 8 is a good luck number for Chinese culture, the truth is that this jump in numbering was almost expected. It is not the first time that a manufacturer of smartphones does something like this, since in the past, we could see how OnePlus jumps number 4 in its launches because it is considered a bad luck number.

Why this year there will not be a Xiaomi Mi 7? Xiaomi explains it

As we said at the beginning, Xiaomi has been quite sparing in words, and has turned to the Weibo social network to clear all doubts. In this poster we can see a kind of 7-space ship that Xiaomi’s mascot seems to be saying goodbye to.

According to Xiaomi, given that his next smartphone exceeds expectations in all aspects , they have decided to call it Xiaomi Mi 8. That is why there will not be a Xiaomi Mi 7.

Why this year there will not be a Xiaomi Mi 7? Xiaomi explains it

Why this year there will not be a Xiaomi Mi 7? Xiaomi explains it

And what is within these expectations? Well, the truth is that Xiaomi will launch one of its most innovative smartphones.

In addition to powerful hardware with Snapdragon 845, UFS 2.1 storage and 6/8 GB of RAM, Xiaomi could get ahead of Samsung with a fingerprint sensor under the screen and a system of 3D facial recognition as advanced as Apple’s, something that differs a bit from the company’s policy, which is not usually a pioneer in adopting new technologies, with the exception of the Xiaomi Mi MIX.

Be that as it may, and use the numbering they use, there is only a week left to uncover the mystery. So if you want to find out all the details as soon as possible, do not forget to read us. We will inform you of everything.