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Why the Essential Phone 2 may be the best mobile phone in 2018

Last year, Andy Rubin, father and creator of Android, he threw himself into the pool launching his first work, the…

Last year, Andy Rubin, father and creator of Android, he threw himself into the pool launching his first work, the Essential Phone. A phone with good software, excessive gross power, but with a camera below expectations, and the doubt of what would happen to its support .

Over the months, we have been seeing how Essential has been releasing updates very frequently, to improve the aspects of the device that users complained about . In fact, they managed to avoid updating to Android 8.0, to avoid performance failures -ejem, we do not want to look at any brand-, and they updated directly to 8.1.

Essential stays with positivity , eager to launch their new device, and growth expectations. Today, we give you some reasons why the Essential Phone 2 can be the best of 2018, as long as they meet certain points.

Because software matters, and much

Camera of the Essential Phone

Currently, if we want a mobile with outstanding software and high-end, we must pay the more than 900 euros that Google asks for the Pixel , opt for a Nokia terminal, or for a OnePlus, whose prices will increase considerably this 2018.

With this very short catalog, any mobile with “Pure Android” that arrives new to the market, is always seen with good eyes , and the Essential Phone 2 will not be less. We speak of a terminal with a good ROM, well updated, and with outstanding performance. This is a good reason to buy, and now that we know that Essential takes care of every detail every update via OTA, our doubts disappear in this matter .

Because the camera will be what it should have been

Essential Matt Black

Essential seems to have learned from his mistakes, and even though it improved a lot with the updates, the camera of the Essential Phone is not good, compared to its high-end brothers .

Rubin’s signature states that the second version of this terminal will come with great improvements in the camera , so we give them that vote of confidence, and we hope it will be up to other terminals this year.

Because the price to pay could be realistic

Essential Phone

Last year, Essential put a surreal price on their phone, and they had to start downloading it at a rate of almost 100 euros per month. Of the 700 dollars that the signature requested for him, it was lowered to 400 , a reduction of practically half of the total value, in a fairly short period of time.

Although the Essential Phone is a high range, we hope that this year they will be more realistic with the price . For 700 euros, at the time of launch of the Essential Phone, we can buy an S9 +, a P20 Pro, and many high-end that may be more appetizing a priori.

Because they promise the best design you’ve ever seen

Andy Rubin leaves Essential

A while ago, we told you that [the Essential Phone will be the best designed smarpthone you’ve seen]. The signature says that it will spoil the appearance of the terminal , and with the pleasing to the eye that is the first version of the phone, we have enough hype for knowing how the second one will be.

Because it can be the Pixel of those who do not want a Pixel

Essential Phone, rear with pins for modules

Although it does not make any sense, we tell you from our own experience, there are many users who are more comfortable updating a few months later , since they think that the Pixels are mobile for the Guinea pigs -something that is not like that, since each version launched by Google for its Pixel is more optimized than the previous one-.

For them, the Essential would be one of the winning options – along with the high-end Nokia, with Android One-. A terminal with good support, but not immediate What can go wrong?


Essential Phone Android

Definitely, the Essential Phone can be the best Android alternative of 2018 , as long as it has a realistic price, a camera of level, and an aesthetic section that falls in love at first sight.

We really want to see this phone in action, and that is with the passage of time, Essential has cleared us the doubts about its good work , and we wish you the best success in your next releases.

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