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Why MCU Iron Spider Armor does not look like the series

Although Peter Parker suppresses the Iron Spider Armor in Avengers: Infinity War the design is very different from that presented…

Although Peter Parker suppresses the Iron Spider Armor in Avengers: Infinity War the design is very different from that presented in the series. Everything from the mask to the logo was changed, and the creative team behind Marvel Studios obviously had their reasons.

In addition to other remarkable design updates in Avengers: Infinity War – including Iron Man’s Mark L Costume and Captain America’s New Nomad-Inspired Look – Iron Spider’s Armor stood out substantially. To marry design elements from both Spider-Man and Iron Man (interestingly, the texture is exactly the same as Iron Man’s Bleeding Edge Armor, which indicates that this suit is made up of the same type of nanotechnology), it not only serves its functional purpose but was considered highly by fans. But as well received as it may have been, it still differs much from the comic book’s source material.

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1; The Art of the Art is filled with many explanations of different decisions taken during the production of Avengers: Infinity War . For Iron Spider, there are some interesting comments from Marvel Studio, Visual Development Ryan Meinerding, explaining why the studio deviates so significantly from the comic book’s design. In the end, he would honor both the source material and the MCU version of Spider-Man at the same time. He said:

“With Iron Spider as a reference from the series, I just tried to work in topics that I knew the Russo brothers would answer. I knew they’d always wanted a red and black Spider-Man suit in the civil war, so I tried to find a way to turn the Iron Spider from the series to it. Iron Spider in the series has gold, glowing eyes and I felt like I really wanted to stick to the Romita eyes that we established in the earlier costume design. red and black theme, with some gold and trying to keep the same head design – especially the eyes – was the kind of why we landed where we did. “[19659008] In part, Meinerding’s choice seems to have been made only for Spider-Man to be so new to MCU and moreover that some visual elements – especially his characteristic, flexible Romita eyes – are still fresh and original to the audience. To keep them allowed transition from Spider-Mans original costume to the Iron Spider armor to feel less and more like a natural development. The gold accents on the costume were added as a tribute to the series.

It also seems that there was a significant debate about how many “stings” Spider-Man should have. In the comics, Iron Spider had three extendable devices (referred to by Peter as “Waldoes”). This was a rather odd choice, as it essentially means that Peter had seven limbs, not eight – which is typical of spiders. It was not until Dan Slott drove that this was changed, and Meinerding seems to have played with both patterns. In the end, he decided for four limbs in the final design, and it proved to be the most esthetically pleasing.

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Source: Marvel Avengers: Infinity War – The Art of the Art

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