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Why have some apps on Huawei and Honor mobiles stopped working?


Do you have a mobile Huawei or Honor ? Have you noticed that some apps have stopped working or do not work as they should? Quiet, it’s not a problem of yours, it’s something that is happening around the globe to users who are in your same situation. Why have they stopped working some apps on Huawei and Honor phones ?

The problem started with Google Maps , but soon the ruling has spread to other Huawei and Honor mobile applications that, remember, are part of the same parent company. As reported by the company, the problem lies in Google Play Services , since since the last update of Google Play Services, applications that are synchronized for one reason or another with Google Maps they are permanently updating Play Services, as the following image shows.

Why have some apps on Huawei and Honor mobiles stopped working?

While the update message appears, the Huawei and Honor mobile applications become unusable. And we emphasize both manufacturers because, for the moment, they are the only brands of smartphones affected by this problem, so it could be that their origin is in a failure of EMUI, the layer of Android-based personalization present in mobile of both signatures.

Huawei is already solving the problem

Google Play Services is a software that is present on any Android device and is used to update several applications of Google and Play Store. This is a completely automatic process and, therefore, can sometimes give errors without the user being able to intervene. In addition to the problems with Google Maps, users also complain that Google Pay has problems and that the connection with Google Home and Android Auto fails.

At the moment all that is known is that there is no relationship between the version of Android installed on the device and the problems generated by Google Play Services in Huawei and Honor mobile applications that make use of Google Maps . According to Google, the cause of the problem lies in “Unexpected changes in the rights of the file system” . In other words, Huawei it seems to have adjusted something in its operating system and Google was not prepared for it.

However, we do not expect the problem to go long, because both Huawei and Google are aware of the problem and are working on a solution. That solution is likely to come in the form of an update to Google Play Services, but there is still no official statement or estimated date for the appearance of the patch that resolves the problem with Huawei and Honor mobile applications .

While the solution arrives, you can always disable Google Play services from the settings of the smartphone and restart the phone so that the apps will work again, although this does not eliminate the possibility that the failure will be replicated again.