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Why do you like the sound of removing the ‘plastiquito’ from the mobiles? Nobody knows

One of the most pleasant sensations of this world is when you receive your new mobile, you take it out…

Why do you like the sound of removing the'plastiquito' from the mobiles? Nobody knows

One of the most pleasant sensations of this world is when you receive your new mobile, you take it out of the box and you remove the ‘plastiquito’ that protects the screen . It is one of the best moments of the videos of unboxings and first impressions, without a doubt. It is complicated to describe, but it is clear that removing the plastic from the mobile slowly produces a pleasant sound , to the point that many people get their hair on end or they get a tingling in the neck and head area.

But why does that sound give us pleasure? Why is it nice for us? The truth is that nobody knows. Many people say that it is pure ASMR ( “Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response” , translated as “Autonomous Meridian Sensorial Response” ), which is defined as a kind of “Biological phenomenon characterized by a pleasant sensation that provokes warmth and relaxation” . ASMR responses can be produced by different stimuli, be they visual, auditory, tactile, situational and a long etcetera . Why? It is all an unknown.

Looking for the ‘why’ of the ASMR

Let the first stone be thrown to the one who does not get the hair on end with this sound .

The origin of ASMR dates back to 2010 , when it began to be discussed on this topic in different Facebook groups and Yahoo! Eight years have passed since then, and even though the ASMR triumphs on YouTube, no person has been able to discover for sure why it generates pleasure . The fact is that it does, and if you do not believe me, up there you have a test.

ASMR is also known as “cerebral orgasm”.

There have been several studies that have tried to explain this phenomenon. The first one, or the one that is assumed to be the first, was published by two psychologists from the University of Swansea (United Kingdom). For your research, interviewed 500 people who “suffered” these responses , and concluded that the ASMR responses “They offer temporary relief for those suffering from depression, and many individuals use it consciously for that purpose. Many reported that even without the tingling sensations, they felt that their mood and pain symptoms improved. ”

Another study, the Barratt-Davis , he discovered that ASMR responses occur in 1 out of every 1,000 people and that are produced thanks to four key activators: whispers, personal attention, crisp sounds and slow movements . When we remove the plastic from a mobile we do not have whispers, but it is true that we put all our attention, there is a somewhat crunchy sound and we do it very slowly.

Minute 1:13

On the other hand, Steven Novella, clinical neurologist at the Yale University School of Medicine , published in 2012 that “ASMR could be a way to activate the pleasure response. Brains are fundamentally designed for pleasure and pain, for positive and negative behavioral feedback. We are rewarded with a pleasant feeling to do and experience things that increase our likelihood of survival, or we suffer a negative or painful experience that helps us avoid harmful behaviors, possible dangers or injuries. ”

When the ASMR “solves” real problems

An interesting point is that millions of Internet users report that ASMR videos help them relax, sleep and even put themselves in a good mood . Maria, creator of the channel Gentle Whispering ASMR, one of the most famous on YouTube, says that “We received comments from firefighters, soldiers, pilots, lawyers, single mothers and suicide teens who watched these videos and changed their attitude and mood for a few minutes.”

Scott Jessop, who directs the YouTube channel True Binaural & ASMR He told The Independent that he discovered this tingling sensation when he was a child: “I suffered from insomnia and a couple of years ago I got up late looking for something to help me sleep. I was listening to a hypnosis video on YouTube and in the suggested videos on the right side of the screen there was a miniature with the face of a girl and the intriguing title “ASMR ‘sk’ sound”. I clicked and in a matter of seconds I felt the tingling in my head flood my skull. ”

From Good Therapy they say that “Many people confirm that [the ASMR] helps them relax and fall asleep. Some in the informal research community conclude that ASMR can provide temporary relief for those who experience chronic pain, depression and stress. ”

But what is the reason? What makes the sound of the mobile plastic to generate pleasure, warmth and well-being? The answer is still pending that someone finds it. The fact is that it exists, it is a viral phenomenon that triumphs in social networks and whose promoters enjoy a community of followers that number in the millions. Are you one of them?

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