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Why Did Carl & Lori not know in Rick's final “The Walking Dead” Episode? The reason really makes so much sense

Sunday evening's episode of The Walking Dead brought back many loved characters again – neither in a rough zombie way.…

Sunday evening’s episode of The Walking Dead brought back many loved characters again – neither in a rough zombie way. While bleeding out and trying his best to eradicate a hordes of hungry hikers, Rick began to have hallucinations of several deceased people in his life, including Shane, Hershel and Sasha. But as big as these mini-reunions were, the fans could not wonder why Carl and Lori were not in Rick’s last episode of 19459003 Walking Dead when so many others resumed (pun intended) for Andrew Lincoln’s departure.

Despite that, they would not be the first people who came to Ricks head under what he thought would be his last moments on earth? Carl has especially worked as a driving force for everything that Rick has done over the years. Every decision made by Rick and every action he took was to make the future better for his son &#821

1; to give him a better life than she currently stuck in. Why not rule him out to see her father again when it’s perfect The occasion that emerged From a clean fan point of view, it felt like a complete and total monitoring that left many scratches the head at the end of the hour. Giphy

But as confusing as the decision may seem to be, showrunner Angela Kang showed her reasoning for HuffPost about why these two swinging characters were suspicious MIA for the special occasion. “We enter this thought of the” third man phenomenon, “told Kang the outlet and added:

” When people are close to death, they sometimes imagine seeing someone they knew or that they do not know that helped drive them to survive and continue them. We had these three special characters [Shane, Hershel and Sasha] that fills an emotional need for him right now, but Rick’s entire trip is looking for his family and I felt creative. If he sees Lori or Carl, he would feel that “OK, I fulfilled my mission I found them. I’m home. I can lay down and die now. ” “

Jackson Lee Davis / AMC

Throughout the episode, Rick constantly mumbled that he needed to come to his family, which is a big part of what triggered him through all the pain and suffering he felt at that time. continued to explain:

“He needed to continue to go to the family still there, and to get that kind of restlessness like” I have not yet found them. Where are they? Where are they? To bring him back To realize his family has always been there all the time. The people he is fighting for now is still his family – that’s what keeps him going. Therefore he can not find them, otherwise it would be too easy for him to give up “.

In a sense, it is meaningful that Rick’s search for his family was the most important thing that held him back in the consciousness, but at the same time it’s hard to believe that Sasha would rank higher than Carl when it comes to subconscious visits from beyond the grave. Regardless of hope, this explanation will help to give fans a certain closure of Rick’s farewell episode and why some electorate were left dead and buried, so to speak.

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