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Who will get a Christmas card from the Queen, Prince Philip?

Hundreds of people will soon receive a very special delivery in the Mailbox from Buckingham Palace. Each year the Queen…

Hundreds of people will soon receive a very special delivery in the Mailbox from Buckingham Palace.

Each year the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh sends about 750 Christmas cards with a royal photo.

The personal cards, which the monarch has sent since their first Christmas as queen in 1952, always contains the handwritten signatures “Elizabeth R” and “Philip”, along with their official cyphers.

So who are the lucky recipients? 19659003] The official royal family’s website explains that while the cards are sent to “family, friends and members of the royal household” – there are plenty of non-royals who also cut.

British and Commonwealth Prime Ministers (Malcolm Turnbull just missed but Scott Morrison is likely to get one), Governor-Generals (Sir Peter Cosgrove will be on the list) and the High Commissions usually also get a card.

Prince Philip sends out an extra 200 Christma’s card to “different regiments and organizations near him”.

Other members of the royal family have also sent their own cards over the years, including Prince Charles and Princess Diana.

Charles has in recent years shared a card with his second wife, Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall.

Now that Prince William has started his own family with Kate Middleton, they send out a separate card with their children. We can even see the first official Christmas card from the newly-married Duke and Duchess of Sussex this year.

According to BBC News, a collection of 35 Christmas Cards sent by Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip was sold between 1

959 and 2001 at an auction in Gloucestershire last year for $ 2712.

But it’s not just short Her Majesty sends out this Christmas.

All members of the Royal House will receive current gifts from the Queen, and she will also give out about 1500 Christmas puddings to palace staff, court workshops and palace police as a “thank you” for their service.

The Pudding Tradition is a consequence of her father, King George VI and her grandfather George V.

The Queen will also donate Christmas Trees to Westminster Abbey, St. Paul’s Cathedral, St. Giles Cathedral, Canongate Kirk in Edinburgh and churches and schools in the Sandringham area.

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