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Whitey Bulger is in prison at 89; Long Hunt Boston Mob Boss

"It's good to be over," June Barry, 79, a lifetime South Boston resident who used to joke with friends about…

“It’s good to be over,” June Barry, 79, a lifetime South Boston resident who used to joke with friends about Mr. Bulger seized the neighborhood, said after the judges. “I’m glad they got him, and they made him alive. He has to pay for it now.”

On November 14, Federal Judge Denise J. Casper judged Mr. Bulger to two living conditions plus five years. She also ordered that he pay $ 19.5 million in repayment to her victims’ families and lose $ 25.2 million to the government, but it was unclear if any of the millions he stole would be recoverable.

“Testimony of human suffering that you and your co-workers affected others were sometimes upset to hear and painful to look at, the judge said to the silence of a courtroom filled with handsome relatives to the victims of the assassin.” The extent, the whining unit, the corruption of your crimes is almost rude. “

In 2016, a three judge federal appeal court in Boston, Mr. Bulger, denied a new trial. The panel said he had not shown that his right to a fair trial was violated when a judge prevented him from testify of his assertion that he had been immunity from his crimes by a federal prosecutor, who died in 2009.

Mr. Bulger offered no evidence to support the statement in his attempt. Prosecutors noted that Mr. Bulger had not been prevented from to take the witness’s stand in his own defense, just from witnessing the insufficient requirement to have the immunity of an official which had been dead for several years.

Screen Treatments

After its immersion, the story of Mr. Bulger to generate publicity, as well as books, a documentary feature and a movie with Johnny Depp.

In an effort to raise money for its victims, the government auctioned more than 100 barrels of goods confiscated from Mr. Bulger – furniture, kitchen utensils, sunglasses, sneakers, T-shirts, hoodies and jewelry, including a sizeable gold and diamond ring. The proceeds, plus the $ 822,000 in cash found in his exclusion walls, were divided among the families and residents of more than 20 murder and extortion victims.

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