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Where will the “First Wives Club” stream to understand Ariana Grande's long love for the film

If too many movies tell you, thank you why, why not sit and watch one of Ariana Grandes favorite films…

If too many movies tell you, thank you why, why not sit and watch one of Ariana Grandes favorite films First Wives Club ? In fact, those who saw Grande’s performance of “Thank You, Next” on Ellen have already got a preview of it. The white outfit, this table, the epic walkout at the end, all inspired by the 1996 movie with Bette Midler, Goldie Hawn and Diane Keaton. Do not you own the movie? Do not worry, here’s how you stream First Wives Club right now.

For those who have a Starz subscription via Hulu or Amazon Video, it is available for free now. Those who can not rent it on Amazon Video, Vudu, YouTube, Google Play and iTunes. Basically, you choose your favorite streaming service and you can watch the breakup movie where three women sat down to revenge their non-good ex-husband but stop finding themselves instead.

Before adding First Wives Club to the queue, look back Grande’s Ellen performance to understand how well she is paying tribute to the movie. Her performance is a perfect update of First Wives Club s most iconic scene where the three women sing Leslie Gore’s “You Do not Own Me” as a F-U to their exes. Right down to the choreography and that chair dance that almost led to a game from Grande, recovering from the sweetest way with some help from his friends.

“First Wives Club 201

8,” Grande Tweeted Grande Tweeted November 6, after losing performance. Complete the message with a love note to her dancers, Victoria Monét and Tayla Parx, Elise (Hawn) and Brenda (Midler) to Annie (Keaton).

Like the movie, Grande does not see revenge with “Thank You, Next.” She thanks her exes for everything she has learned while marking her independence and explaining freedom from everything. The First Wives Club -inspired performance, which comes weeks after breaking down her engagement with fiancé Pete Davidson, made it clear that no one owns her. “I know they say I’m going too fast / but this guy’s” last “she sings on the track.” Because her name is Ari / And I’m so good about it. “

Her performance also made a lot of good First Wives Club x “Thank You, Next” memes . So good, actually, as Grande retweeted one who puts her lyrics on scrabbles of “You Do not Own” the scene.

This is not the first time Grande has promised her love for First Wives Club. Back in 2014, she tweeted her obsession with the movie .

“Everything and everything can be managed with either an average girl quotation, a first women’s club quote, a wong foo quote or a showgirl’s quote, “she wrote.

Two months later, she talked about First Wives Club again . This time as Answer to answered Midler’s hard criticism of Grandes style ie An interview with Telegraph.

Great because she did not understand Midler’s comments since the divine Miss M was always a “feminist who meant that women could do anything they wanted without them” but it was “all love” with her. “and I will still quote the first wives club every day of my life lmao,” she tweeted .

It was her elegant way of saying no hard emotions. (Resources would later apologize for Twitter) But afterwards it also shows that Grande has always been one to choose positivity over everything else.

Grande sees the future and while it probably will not include her lead in a

First Wives Club sequel, she gave the world to restart if they all needed . Now fans can watch the original First Wives Club for themselves and see why Grande just can not get enough of it. Who knows, it can also inspire her Arianators.

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