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Where are Fortnitemares Gargoyles? Fortnite Dance Locations for a new challenge

Epic has launched a major update for Fortnite that includes Fortnitemares, a new Halloween theme event. This features Save the…

Epic has launched a major update for Fortnite that includes Fortnitemares, a new Halloween theme event. This features Save the World and Battle Royale components, and in the latter mode there is a new set of challenges to be complemented by separate rewards from standard week challenges. Among the first courses you ask to dance with gargoyles; Below you will find a guide on where to go and the places for all the gargoyles you need.

This challenge asks you to dance in front of five different gargoyles. The problem is that these are spread all over the island, so you can end up wasting time at the dead end. Fortunately, we have managed to find them and can give you their exact places to save you time and effort. You do not have to dance in front of all five in one single game, so you can take care of them over several games. Just do not be surprised at players camping at these places, looking for easy kills.

Below you will find a map of the exact places for Gargoyles and a list of where the gargoyles are. You can also watch the video above to see us perform the challenge.

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Fortnitemare Day 1 Gargoyle Locations

  • Vikingby: Head inside the big building up on the hill.
  • North of Flush Factory at the top of the mountain
  • Western Lazy Links in the mine shaped like an umbrella
  • Haunted Hills in the Gothic castle, in the main hall
  • Between Wailing Woods and Risky Reels on the mountain
  • ] Tomato Temple: On the Ground Floor
  • Retail Row: In the Battle of the Battle Bus above

Unlike normal weekly challenges, this Tournament will not complete the challenges of unlocking Battle Stars so you can compare your Battle Pass up . Instead, you get experience points and specific rewards, such as a honeymoon, spray, contrast and glider. Epic also rolls out new challenges every other day, and to get that turner you must complete all of them.

This first challenge is now available and you can get details about them all in our Fortnitemander challenges roundup. There are a total of four challenges in this set. three of them are quite simple, with the gargoyle one above is the outlier.

Fortnitemare also introduced a cool new skin type that responds to how you play the game. If you have not already checked it, you can see Outlander Outfit and find out what distinguishes it from other skins. In addition to this skin, Epic has also introduced Shackled Stone Back Bling and Dark Shard Pickaxe. Both of these items are also called “reactive cosmetics”. Deadfire skins are available for 2000 V-Bucks, while the Dark Shard harvesting tool costs 1200 V-Bucks.

Fortnitemare was introduced as part of Fortnite Update 6.20 Update, which also contains a new weapon: Six Shooter. Epic also tests the ability to reinstall gliders after you landed, so you can do it in Battle Royale’s various game modes now too.

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