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When, what is it? How to participate

This weekend is an exciting event for those who like to watch the moon and learn about Earth's natural satellite.…

This weekend is an exciting event for those who like to watch the moon and learn about Earth’s natural satellite. International Note Moon Night 2018 is scheduled for Saturday, October 20th.

The event happens every year in September or October when the moon is close to being in its first quarter. The event is around the first quarter of the moon because it is when the moon is visible in late afternoon and early evening. That time is much more convenient for event organizers and for people who can have children they want to attend even in the evening.

For the 2018 event, there were more than 750 events registered with NASA to attend the evening. Those who register will have access to additional resources and news to observe the month.

The event is held all over the world and is supposed to be a public event to encourage observation and appreciation of the Moon, according to NASA. Hundreds of events take part in thousands of people every year. These events usually occur at different museums, universities, parks and other areas that are optimal for viewing the moon. Events in the backyard of the astronomers are counted as participation in Observe Moon Night.  international observe moon night International Note Moon The night will be held Saturday night for those who want to attend. NASA

Next year is scheduled for October 5th and the year after it will be held September 26th. NASA has a website where those who want to participate can check out and see where the nearest night’s events are close to them. Some of the nights are general astronomical nights, while others specifically focus on the moon, but somehow they are an opportunity for people to engage in astronomy.

Anyone who hopes to participate in an event can use this site to search and find event closest to them. NASA also has a section on its website with viewing activities and event material for anyone seeking help planning their own event for the evening. These activities include viewing manuals, maps, and information on how to do a moonlight calendar.

Event material available by NASA includes posters, postcards, event leaflets, press releases, templates and more. NASA encourages those who participate to share their experiences and images they take on social media with hashtag #observethemoon.

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