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WhatsApp for Android now allows you to save and play voice notes before sending them

460 At the beginning of the year, Whatsapp for iOS I received an interesting novelty to improve the option to…


At the beginning of the year, Whatsapp for iOS I received an interesting novelty to improve the option to send voice notes. Said optimization consisted of preventing the user from losing a voice note in the process of recording when circumstances such as a telephone call occurred, among others. It also allowed to reproduce the final result before being sent to the contact. That option now comes to WhatsApp for Android through the latest Beta version.

Voice notes have become one of the tools par excellence of the instant messaging application. It is one more way to expand communication options among users, giving the message connotations difficult to offer with text, even with the help of emojis. Now, the recording of voice notes receives several extra features that can be very useful for many.

Active automatic saving in the WhatsApp app for Android

Imagine that you are in the middle of recording a voice note lasting several minutes. Suddenly, you receive an incoming call or the smartphone itself sends you a low battery notification and the voice recording stops and you lose. The annoyance is important since it is your turn to record the voice note again, but the initial spontaneity is no longer achieved, as well as replicating the message as you were dictating it.

A lack in WhatsApp that the company has just corrected in the Android application, at least initially in the Beta version V2.18.123. And from now on, if the circumstances described above occur -among others that can be derived by cutting the recording of the voice note- WhatsApp will save the voice note and allow you to continue recording the message.

The procedure is simple since, if the recording is interrupted, once we return to the chat from which we were doing it, we can resume it with just pressing the button of that function. In fact, before proceeding, we have the option of playing the audio note to have a reference of the point where it was previously stopped.

Trick to play the WhatsApp voice notes before sending them

Product of this new implementation, we also have the option to take advantage of part of this functionality, although the recording of the voice note is not interrupted. In fact, the trick is to intentionally interrupt it. How? We just have to click on the upper part of the chat to access the profile of the contact to which we want to send the note.

With this simple gesture, if we return to the chat, we will find the pause of the recording, so we can play the recorded message and then continue with it.

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