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WhatsApp ads, the new feature that they have copied from Telegram

WhatsApp ads, the new feature that they have copied from Telegram

During the last weeks, we are seeing several new features for the WhatsApp application. The truth is Most of them we had already seen in Telegram , but being the latter a minority application compared to WhatsApp, the broad public may come to think that these developments are ideas of their own carried out by the team now belonging to Mark Zuckerberg.

Today, we tell you the novelty that WhatsApp could include in a short time , quite useful for certain moments, although a clear copy of what we have already seen in Telegram.

This is WhatsApp ads

As we can see in the WAGeeks tweet, WhatsApp would be working to incorporate a new “ads” feature . These, would work in an identical way to the Telegram channels. Do not you know how it is said operation? Right now we explain it to you. Basically, it’s about open groups to which anyone can join, but in which only the administrator can send messages .

The famous channels of bargains are the best example, in which thousands of users join to see the contents published by the administrator. In WhatsApp, the operation will be practically identical, so we can join these ad channels to read the content that the administrator sends . Again, a more than interesting function, which “have borrowed” from Telegram, nothing new for WhatsApp.

As always, you will wait a few weeks for the functions to end up reaching the beta version, and then the stable one. There is no doubt that WhatsApp is improving little by little , even if it is based on taking what is already done. However, wherever ideas come from, there is no doubt that the app evolves for the benefit of users, and that is always good.