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What's Halloween? ends funding for future movies

Blumhouse has the opportunity to turn the franchise into an anthology, unlike what is currently on the big screen. [Thisstorycontentpointersfor…

Blumhouse has the opportunity to turn the franchise into an anthology, unlike what is currently on the big screen.

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“He has been waiting for this night … he was waiting for me … I’ve been waiting for him” says Jamie Lee Curtis & # 39 Laurie Strode before she charges her tactical shotgun. She is prepared for war, a war many thought was over. They were wrong. Michael Myers is back. David Gordon Greens Halloween A direct sequel to John Carpenter’s 1978 original, see The Shape (James Jude Courtney and Nick Castle) arrives in Haddonfield for a final deal with Laurie Strode forty years after their original meeting. The film has not only been sold as a return to the form of the franchise but also a conclusion to Laurie’s story, one that sees his daughter Karen (Judy Greer) and the grandson Allyson (Andi Matichak) in the conflict as well. It’s this sense of conclusion, ages of trauma bubbling to the surface, and two primary forces stare at each other over generations, making Halloween as different as ever before and getting questions about what’s coming.

Perhaps the most surprising of Halloween is not the presentation itself, but rather how definitive it all feels. While Halloween (1

978), the slasher movie boom and an infinite cycle of sequel to itself and its imitators, complete with cliffhangers, Green, began with another co-author, co-authors Danny McBride and Jeff Fradley. The new Halloween feels singular. Yes, it’s always linked to the original movie, but as Carpenter and Debra Hills original, it feels like a complete story, not a set for sequelers. If the first film was about Laurie fighting Myers alone and lost, the other Laurie is fighting Myers through reconciliation of her family and winning. The capture of three women whose lives he tore apart without ever pronouncing a word, Michael Myers lives alive in the basement of Laurie’s bunker house, just as she thought he would be. Strode women send Michael to hell, and while we do not see a body, the final shot of Allyson’s movie with a bloody knife who has inherited survival instincts with her mother and grandmother knows, as someone concludes Halloween franchise has offered.

But this is not a time to let franchises die, especially not a mark as popular as Halloween . Despite how perfect a final green has been designed with this movie, someone who respects the heir’s original and feels fitting current in today’s social climate, there will be more Halloweens. When interviewed by Forbes last month, producer and horror authority Jason Blum said: “I would like to follow the sequel and I hope we will do a sequel and we will do a follow-up if the film is performed. We will not decide if we make a sequel or not until we see the reaction to this movie. But I really hope to do that. “The response is in, and since the card number continues to come in over the weekend, it seems that the decision to follow up will be easy. A few weeks ago, rumors circulated that prep had already begun on the next installment. Greens deduction managed not only to return Curtis as an executive producer but also to John Carpenter to compose the score and as executive producer and Nick Castle in the role of The Shape. Halloween seems like a magical convergence of creative agreements that rarely happen. The chance that all parties will merge this way again to create a sequel, which is not only desirable but necessary, seems narrow. So what happens when October 31 rolls around again?

In 1982 Halloween III: Season of the Witch succeeded Michael Myers behind him. The film, produced by Carpenter and Hill, but written and directed by friend Tommy Lee Wallace, introduced a new mythology, one that drew spiraling slasher trophies for witchcraft, corporate malicious and mortal masks – masks that make comedy drama in this latest Halloween film. While the lack of Myers originally resulted in a negative reception, fans have turned to Witch’s Season admiring its originality and the catchy Silver Shamrock jingle. But The Witch’s Season was not just an attempt to turn away from Michael Myers, it was part of a bigger vision that Carpenter and Hill saw for the Halloween franchise, one who was supposed to take one anthology approach with each sequel to focus on another aspect of the pheasant night could unleash. Not only would we get different stories of terror, probably produced and shot by Carpenter, we would receive them annually. Of course, Michael Myers gave in 1988 Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers given the Reaction and Box Office Performance for the Witch Season which ended Carpent’s engagement with the franchise until Green’s film.

There is no better way to continue to honor the heiress and Hillen’s legacy than to return to the anthology process. Blumhouse has proven to be ahead of the curve that provides low budget opportunities to filmmakers with original ideas and has made a mint when doing so. Green managed to get up to the record and deliver a worthy conclusion to Michael Myer’s story and it seems counterproductive to ask other filmmakers to try the same because we can not find the franchise in the same position as it was in the 90’s and Michael Myers could simply be replaced by Jason or Freddy for the same effect. Certainly there may be more movies with Michael Myers who entertain us and maybe scare us. But could there be more movies with Michael Myers who have something to say? It seems far less likely. But by expanding the concept of Halloween as a film franchise to further include everything we love about the holiday – “Black cats and nuns and broomsticks and ghosts, witch cushions and all their hosts” as the children in the Carpenter movie sang – we can have something much more exciting on our hands. We are offered a chance to be amazed at Halloween on an annual basis. It’s time to think about our thoughts about what the Halloween franchise is. It’s time to finally put Michael Myers at rest and let evil take a new form.

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