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What Walking Dead's Dwight does, according to the actor

Semi spoilers for those who are not busy with The Walking Dead through the latest episode of season 9. Walking…

Semi spoilers for those who are not busy with The Walking Dead through the latest episode of season 9.

Walking Dead usually ends its characters’ stories in concrete terms, usually through uncomfortable, gore-infused death. Surprisingly, however, Austin Amelios Dwight went completely AWOL after season 8’s final, shortened by All Out War. With Season 9’s time-slot and other show-changing elements, fans want to know where Dwight is and the actor recently offered his own response. According to Amelio:

I will find Sherry. I live. He does not kill me. We’ll see what happens.

This is largely what the audience considered to happen to Dwight, who finally found himself a banished but free man after Rick had taken Negan once and for all. (Well, maybe not permanently. .) The last time Dwight appeared on the screen, he had found a messy note from Sherry who inspired him to meet the road again to find her.

Dwight’s end-game exile admitted that Austin Amelio would be absent from season 9, and the time-kick did nothing to believe his coming return. A versatile lack of Dwight in promotional material has also made fans’ hopes incorrect. However, Dwight was never shown to be brutally murdered, which Walking Dead Supervisor Scott Gimple confirmed means his chances of returning to The Walking Dead ‘s story is better than 0%. Not big, but not all of these odds are allowed.

Although his television story does not necessarily affect anything happening in today’s Alexandria or Hilltop (or Sanctuary, for the part), Dwight would spark a lot of intrigue if he resurfaced. It would probably mean that he successfully found Sherry, either alive or dead. The emotional changes from one outcome to the other are great, so we could possibly see either a more sated and understanding Dwight, or a totally humiliated of heartbreak and vengeance.

Dwight’s post-line return could also mean that he would feel enough punishment and fines had been made over the many months that had passed. Times are definitely hard out there for small survivors, so a desperate and dimmed Dwight might need to prove why he would be allowed back to one of Virginia communities.

Speaking this weekend Walker Stalker Con (via, Austin Amelio gave his feelings about Dwight’s postwar ban, which came despite all characters’ efforts to help protagonists support the Negan.

I think he has paid his fee on this point. I think it’s fair. He hates Negan, he loves his wife. He will find his wife.

Obviously, no warranties will be attached to any character’s hunt for a lost loved one. Granted, Walking Dead began with Rick being led to reconnect with Lori and Carl. Jump forward to season 2, but the group’s extended hunt for Sophia ended in the darkest way possible, with the young girl who went on the field. The following seasons have also offered gloomy resolutions after the signs have disappeared. The missing saviors from season 9 are the latest example of that front.

As said Walking Dead has had fun in recent years by calling back to the earliest seasons in different ways. Its 100th episode deliberately reflected the pilot in unexpected ways, and also season 1 s Morales returned for a brief turn. In addition, it was confirmed this summer that The Punisher s Jon Bernthal is playing in season 9 as the long-dead Shane Walsh.

True, the new Shane appearance is timed for Andrew Lincoln’s last episode as Rick Grimes, and is not quite comparable to Dwight’s fall. Still, it’s an example of how The Walking Dead creative team can reorganize its ensemble, past and present. So again, the character’s biggest fans do not need to lose hope that Austin Amelio’s Dwight could return to our TV screens in the future.

In the series, Dwight was more easily considered by Rick’s group when he showed his fidelity. Despite some confidence issues, Dwight emerged as leader of the saviors who remained together instead of joining the other communities and were leaders in the military group that came together. It’s obviously not going to be custom not-for-note for TV, which is not that bad.

Personally, I think it’s more fun to consider more French options for how Dwight might come back to Walking Dead because he probably would not be welcomed back with open arms. (How are you Tara?) The time race does almost everything that is cross-border, such as Jadis / Anne’s efforts as a working member of society. To remove the fact that she predicted destroyed it by invoking her helicopters, still remains that time itself can often play the biggest role in changing the characters’ personalities.

If Dwight gives a shocking return in one of the next few episodes, and is revealed HE is the cause of Rick’s death? Not the most likely opportunity, but being outwardly separated in nature can take a tough toll on someone’s mental state. Dwight can be driven mad by anger directed at Rick & Co. to put him in that position in the first place.

Alternatively Walking Dead could give Dwight further help in Maggie and Daryl’s plans for the Negan. It is not yet clear how far Maggie wants to take things before she makes her own exit, but her eyes are a window for all sorts of murderous intentions that Dwight can sympathize with. Dwight and Daryl obviously also have a way more common than Daryl would ever admit, bringing them together for a real mission assignment could make some tense sequences.

Going further to the depth of speculation, what if Dwight is involved in the helicopter pilot’s human trafficking service? Certainly, he could be a participating member of that club, but I would almost prefer to believe that they might catch Sherry in some way, and that he aims to take them down. (Each of Dwight’s returns is invested in revenge. That’s true.)

As my last option here, I think it would be great if Dwight ended up being part of Whisperers when the chaotic villains were introduced. He is definitely not proud of the face damage caused by the Negan, and in a world free of masked superheroes, I suppose the next best thing for Dwight would be to cover his own face with a walker. As such, this option is linked to both Dwight’s self-awareness AND him revenge against the good guys. A perfect fit, just like the sweater suit.

Walking Dead is flying Sunday evening at AMC at 9:00 ET, so be sure to continue setting up to see if and when Dwight can return. On the flip side, be sure to be up to date with all other new and recurring autumn TV shows that definitely will not contain Dwight’s hunt for Sherry.

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