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What Michael Cohen told Mueller about the Trump Tower Agreement

Robert Mueller Special Council released a statement on the collaborative and testimony given by Michael Cohen, President Donald Trump's former…

Robert Mueller Special Council released a statement on the collaborative and testimony given by Michael Cohen, President Donald Trump’s former lawyer and longtime fixer.

Mueller’s judgmental memo and a separate memo filed last week by Cohns lawyers say Cohen has given 70 hours testimony to the Special Adviser, investigating Russian intervention in the 2016 election and whether the Trump campaign collaborated with Moscow to lean the race at Trump’s service.

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On November 30, Cohen met a deal to plead guilty of listening to Congress in exchange for working with the Special Adviser. Cohen wrongly acknowledged that in his congressional test of September 201

7 he announced that the Trump organization stopped talking about building a Trump Tower in Moscow sometime in January 2016.

In fact, prosecutors say that these discussions continued well until June 2016 and that Cohen “acknowledged that he told these lies – which he published and submitted to Congress – to minimize the links between the Moscow project and individual 1,” referring to Trump.

Cohen gave evidence to Mueller about the following topics:

Trump organization’s attempt to build a Trump Tower in Moscow

The memorandum states that Cohen gave “a detailed account of his involvement and involvement by others in Moscow Projects”, a effort that continued until June 2016 after Trump became presumptuous Republican presidential election.

Memo continues to describe “in or around November 2015, Cohen received contact information and spoke with a Russian citizen who claimed to be a” trusted person “in the Russian Federation who could offer the campaign” political synergy “and” synergy at government level “.

While this person is not mentioned in the memorandum, BuzzFeed News reported in January that Cohen had reached the Russian weightlift Dmitry Klokov about the project. Klokov claimed that he was affiliated with Russian President Vladimir Putin. They were reportedly introduced by Ivanka Trump, then a deputy president of the Trump organization.

The statement says that Klokov told Cohen that a meeting between Trump and Putin would have a “phenomenal” impact, “not only in politics but in a business dimension”, referring to the Moscow project because it there is “no major guarantee in a new project than the consent of [the President of Russia]. “

Cohen did not follow Klokov’s offer and told that there was an existing agreement to build a Trump Tower between Russia and the Trump organization.

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Mueller’s judgmental memo said Cohen’s false testimony about Congress concealed the fact that the Trump Tower Moscow Agreement represented a potentially lucrative business opportunity that may have required approval from the Russian government .

“If the project was completed, the company could have received hundreds of millions of dollars from Russian sources in license fees and other revenues,” said the report. It also added that Coh’s continued work on the proposal, as well as his communications with Trump about it, was twice relevant because they occurred while the Russian government actively bothered the 2016 election to float the competition in Trump’s service.

Other “Discreet Russian-Related Issues”

The note states that “Cohen gave [special counsel] with useful information about some discreet Russian-related issues the core of his investigation as he obtained due to his regular contact with Company executives during the campaign.” [19659002] This line stands out, because many corporate executives of the “company” are in Trump’s closest family and have been involved in other parts of the probe.

Donald Trump Jr., also vice president at Trump Organization, attended a Trump Tower meeting in June 2016 with top campaign officials and two Russian lobbyists who offered dirt on the Hillary Clinton campaign. The parties concerned have said nothing came from the meeting and the Trump campaign did not get the compromise it was promised, but the campaign’s willingness to meet with Kremlin-adapted operators has pointed out investigators interest.

Trump Jr. also testified to Congress last year that his father had no prior knowledge of the meeting. If investigators learn that Trump knew about it, the revelation could land his eldest son in the same legal problem that Cohen was in for the misleading congress.

Cohen, like at least two other Trump co-workers, has stated that Trump may have known more about the meeting than he released.

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Contacts with People “Connected to the White House”

Mueller’s memo also said that Cohen provided “relevant and useful information about his contacts with people connected to the White House in the period 2017-2018.” [19659002] This line is also significant because “relevant and useful” information to the Special Investigation Survey may indicate that Cohen and people in or near the White House continued to pursue criminal activities after the campaign and well into the first two years of the Trump Administration.

“It sounds like someone else in the Trump course will be accused of being a co-owner, either to listen to the congress or to prevent justice,” says Jens David Ohlin, a Deputy Dean at Cornell Law School and Criminal – lawyer.

“Preparing and Circulating” His False Congress Testimony

Finally, in the memo, Cohen “described the circumstances of preparing and circulating his response to congressional investigations while continuing to accept responsibility for the false statements contained in it.”

Ohlin said that it was also because the notebook said that Cohen revealed who he was in the management “while continuing to take responsibility for his false statements”.

“Sounds to me that they consider it a collective crime with several perpetrators,” says Ohlin. “Further allegations are likely, especially with contacts between the Trump campaign and Russia, which is the last paragraph in the jigsaw.”

Mueller’s memo came shortly after the Southern District of New York left a separate domain memo about Cohen’s cooperation in investigating his and Trump’s financial contacts before the election.

Cohen allegedly owed in August for tax evasion, bank fraud and campaign funding. He said that he violated the law by participating in payments to two women claiming he had business with Trump just before the 2016 contest. Cohen told researchers that he did it on Trump’s behalf.

Friday’s memo from Manhattan USA’s law firm reaffirmed Cohen’s assertion and said he committed his crimes “in concert with and towards” Trump, identified in the document as Individual-1.

“The biggest removal from this is that prosecutors are actually called President Trump as an indefinite socialist,” said Jeffrey Cramer, a long-time federal prosecutor in Chicago who spent 12 years at DOJ. “And it’s not just based on Cohen’s words. These documents make it clear that investigators also have other independent, confirmatory evidence.”

“You really can not overstate this,” he added. “The United States President was an undisputed companion in a felony? When is the last time that statement pronounced?”

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