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What is the new Arcade mode of PUBG Mobile included in the game update?


While Fortnite for iPhone continues accumulating players and becoming a greater success than Pokémon GO or Clash Royale, Android players still have to wait for the launch of its equivalent for the Google operating system. However, while waiting, you can install the first great update of PUBG Mobile which includes a new Arcade mode and training camp.

PUBG Mobile 0.4.0 It presents a large number of improvements and additional functions to the game released to the market just a month ago. According to the changelog of the game, these are the novelties of the first great PUBG Mobile update for Android

  • Arcade mode : a new mode where 28 players face and one of the following six variants: Shotguns, Sniper Rifle, All weapons, Melee, Pistols and Object Paradise. Each one of them changes the way of playing, because it is not the same to maintain close confrontations with shotguns, than at a distance with sniper rifles.
  • Training camps: New area where you can try all the weapons and practice your shooting skills without time limit.
  • New configuration: Dusk.

What is the new Arcade mode of PUBG Mobile included in the game update?

More changes in PUBG Mobile

The note of the PUBG Mobile update notes that a score of optimizations have been made in the game, something to thank for those who still do not know how to control the character of the game. Unfortunately, there is no word about the elimination of bots present in PUBG for Android and iOS .

The update raises an improved combat experience thanks to the tracking function (both before parachute and after landing), the automatic opening of configurable doors, or the performance problem when using 4x and 8x peepholes. In addition, the update of PUBG Mobile includes bug fixes that improve sound effects and solve some voice chat problems. There are also new options, such as the ability to use dynamic graphics, the ability to remove duplicate clothing or add nitrous oxide to vehicles.

If you have not skipped the update in Google Play Store yet, you can download the APK for PUBG Mobile and perform the update manually. The changelog of the PUBG Mobile update indicates that shooting features have been added to the iPhone Touch ID, but the update has not yet been released on iOS. We hope it appears in the App store in the next few hours.