Lupita Nyong & Winston Duke star of Jordan Peel’s horror movie “Us” about a family facing invaders during a summer escape.

AUSTIN, Texas – Midway by playing “Us”, Jordan Peel’s much-anticipated other movie, the comic director discovered that he had a deep fear: His main star, Lupita Nyong o.

In between shots, Nyong & # 39; o looked in character and dressed in his murdered red coat, her scary movie voice asking Peele about the requested desires, for example, better snacks for the actors.

“Lupita scared me out of me!” Peele told an audience Friday after the world premiere “Us” at the Paramount Theater in downtown Austin.

It was one of a series of insights and behind-the-scenes confessions Peele and the cast “Us” were shared with an appreciative audience. The film was presented as the opening film for the nine-day SXSW conference and festivals, which began on Friday.

“Us” tells the story of an upper middle class black family who, while on vacation, suddenly finds himself waging war against the evil doppelgangers of mysterious origin. It is Peel’s second movie, after the critical and box office success “Get Out”, which won Peele an Oscar for best original script.

Lupita Nyong & # 39; o stars as a mother whose family faces their evil doppelgangers in the Jordan Peel’s horror movie “Us ” (Photo: CLAUDETTE BARIUS)