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What do Facebook and Instagram say about nudes? What photos are censored?

Talk about nudes on Facebook or Instagram is to talk about photos that “hint but do not teach” or pixelated…

What do Facebook and Instagram say about nudes? What photos are censored?

Talk about nudes on Facebook or Instagram is to talk about photos that “hint but do not teach” or pixelated / capped female nipples. The reason is simple: Facebook and, therefore, Instagram, have a crossed with the content “not suitable for all audiences” , and that content includes, in addition to explicit violence, hate speech and sensational images, the nudes. Yes, Facebook censors nudes , although not all. Today you will know what Facebook and Instagram say about photos without clothes.

First of all it is important to understand the context of Facebook. The Zuckerberg network has Billions of users of all colors, flavors and sizes. Managing such a large community is extremely complicated, because what may offend one may not offend thousands, but what do you prioritize? One or thousands? It is the dilemma of the tram, only that applied to social networks. Facebook does not eat its head, and censors what it considers explicit content without remorse.

[…] Our policies can sometimes be more direct than we would like and restrict shared content for legitimate purposes. – Excerpt from the community rules of Facebook.

Another factor is the age of the users. Facebook establishes that you have to have 14 years or more to have an account in your social network, although this varies depending on the country and its legislation – in the case of Spain it is 14-. This throws another topic to the debate, why a child if he is ready to be connected to the Internet and expose his privacy and not to see nudes? Only Facebook knows. Be that as it may, the community rules are what they are, and we accept them when opening an account – we like them more or less.

We restrict the exhibition of nudes to prevent certain sectors of our global community that show a special sensitivity to them from feeling bad; in particular, because of its cultural context or its age. – Excerpt from the community rules of Facebook

What nudes are censored on Facebook?

Taking into account the above, What content is censored or deleted on Facebook? According to your own community rules, which you can consult in this link , the following is deleted:

  • Genital photos : It does not require more explanation, right?
  • Photos showing the buttocks in their entirety and directly : In other words, you can upload photos in underwear or a complete nude in which you are on your side and you can not see the buttocks (or the nipples of the breasts in the case of women).
  • “Some images of female breasts if the nipple is seen” : If you are a girl, you can upload photos of your breasts always and when you cover the nipple in its entirety.
  • Explicit images of sexual intercourse : You can not upload a fragment of a scene for adults at its most critical moment.
  • Descriptions of sexual acts that are too graphic : If you write a text describing a sexual act in an explicit and detailed way, Facebook can also delete it.

Restrictions on the display of nudes and sexual activity also apply to digital content, unless such content is published for educational, humorous, or satirical purposes – Excerpt from Facebook community rules.

Following with the guides, from Facebook they also establish a series of exceptions , of contexts in which a nude can be published. These caveats are the following:

  • Pictures of women breastfeeding / breastfeeding : However, they do not establish what happens if in that photo you see “more nipple of the account”. There have been cases in which Facebook has censored this type of images.
  • Photos with mastectomy scars : Mastectomy is a surgical operation that involves the removal of the mammary gland or a part of it.
  • Photographs of paintings, sculptures and works of art in which nude figures are shown : Being art is not censored, but Facebook deleted a photo of the work “The Origin of the World” , which explicitly shows female genitalia.

What is censored on Instagram?

Instagram, being a social network owned by Facebook, he shares most of his Community rules . In fact, these are almost a copy-paste of the originals. As in Facebook, the “censorship” “Applies to photos, videos and certain digital content showing sexual acts, genitals, closeups of fully exposed buttocks and […] some photos of female nipples” . Nevertheless , “Yes, pictures of scars from mastectomies and breastfeeding are allowed. Nudes are also accepted in photos of paintings and sculptures. ”

An interesting point is that on Instagram is expressed explicitly what, “For security reasons, it is possible that on certain occasions we remove images showing children totally or partially naked” as “Even if this content is shared with good intention, other people could use it in an unforeseen way” . We have already talked about what Upload photos of children to social networks , but it is peculiar that on Instagram they express it so bluntly and on Facebook not .

As you see, the rules are not exempt from interpretation and controversy. This has generated movements like #FreeTheNipple (Releases the nipple) , through which women claim that, in the same way that male nipples are not censored, neither should women be censured . After all, the sexualization of them is something social and not human. What is the difference between the naked torso of a man and a woman on the beach, if neither of them has sexual purposes? There everyone with their thoughts.

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