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What advice did Giants Eli Manning get from his father Archie? “It's f — ing football”

From now on, Eli Manning is still the first quarterback of the New York Giants. But with a 1-7 record…

From now on, Eli Manning is still the first quarterback of the New York Giants.

But with a 1-7 record entering the weekend, head coach Pat Shurmur will examine all his options for week 9 and the rest of the season.

Short historical turn, Manning and the giants is on their way to their second straight losing season.

A person who knows one thing or two about taking lumps on the field is Manning’s father, Archie.

As New Orleans Saints quarterback, Archie Manning went 35-91-3, including an ugly 1-15 in 1980.

But Archie Manning is proud of how Eli could face a 1-15 record in 2018, handles himself, per The Athletic:

“I’m as proud of him as I was when they won championship,” he said. “He’s a professional. It’s soccer. I always tell some of my close friends,” It’s soccer. “”

“It’s as hard as it gets. It’s as hard as it gets in football,” Archie said. “There are two really bad sides of football. Losing is the worst.” Being hurt is the other. “He has never been hurt, knocks on wood.” This is as tough as possible. ” I can speak of experience, I went through it. “

Winters and losers in trade

Although Eli Manning had no interest in renouncing his clause before Tuesday’s last day, his time with the giants seems to come to an end.

Would Archie want Eli to end on another team that Brother Peyton Manning did when he went from Indianapolis Colts to Denver Broncos?

“I have not talked to Eli about it,” he said. “I do not think he’s thinking about the next. He’s trying to win one game, I know his passion for the giants. I think everybody knows it from day one. He is always loved to play for the New York Giants. He lives there and he lifts his family up there. “

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