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December 8, 2018 Entertainment 0 Views BrightBurn has been an incredibly well-kept secret for several months. While we long know…

 Brightburn Trailer

BrightBurn has been an incredibly well-kept secret for several months. While we long know that James Gunn produced the film and reunited with his Slither star Elizabeth Banks and key. We did not even know the official title until very recently. Now the BrightBurn trailer is here and offers us our first real photograph of David Yarovesky -dirigated horror movie. Look at the BrightBurn trailer below.

BrightBurn Trailer

BrightBurn has had a bit of a bumpy ride. Producer James Gunn raised the project during the summer and would put a big Hall H message to the SDCC in July.

Of course, we all know that did not happen. Before the Hall H panel arrived, Gunn was fired by Disney from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 because some offensive tweets from his past come to light. The Hall H panel was interrupted soon and still leaves the uninterrupted project in the dark. Despite the Gunn situation, Sony still has every intention of releasing BrightBurn although they delayed the release a little. Now the first trailer is here.

BrightBurn stars Elizabeth Banks, Meredith Hanger David Denman Matt Jones Gregory Alan Williams Jennifer Holland and more, with a script from Brian & Mark Gunn . David Yarovesky, a frequent Gunn co-operative, controls while Gunn and The H Collective produce. The cast of the banks reunites her with James Gunn, who directed the actress in the horror movie Slither .

“Elizabeth and I have been on the same artistic side since we first met when she auditioned for Slither back in 2005, Gunn said when the banks were cast.” She has since been one of my best friends in the world and I have struggled with tooth and nail to work with her again. She is the perfect partner of Yarvo, H Collective and myself to create this very special project.

BrightBurn hits theaters May 24, 2019 .

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