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A few days ago we discovered that the WhatsApp guys were working on implementing improvements to the server to, for example, be able to retrieve photos or videos sent by the instant messaging application even if they have been removed from our phone. The Predictive loading is another WhatsApp news that land on iOs and Android related to the company’s servers.

What is the predictive load ? Said in a language more recognizable to the common of mortals, we talk about that Whatsapp Now he knows when you are going to send a Photo or not video) in a chat, anticipating the user and preparing the server for sending those files. For the user, it is a new function to share images efficiently through the messaging application.

As revealed by the portal WABetaInfo , Whatsapp Now you can predict when a photo will be sent in a chat in order to upload a photo in advance on the server. This will prevent the classic watch waiting until the photo is sent to appear next to our photo or video sent, speeding up the process of sending content and reception by our contacts.

WhastApp now knows when you are going to send a picture in a chat

WhastApp now knows when you are going to send a picture in a chat

How to know if I have the option enabled

This new WhatsApp is already applied in the update of iOS 2.18.61 , but on Android it seems that it is taking something longer to arrive. WhatsApp is enabling the function only for some users that have installed the stable version 2.18.156 but it seems that the predictive load of images and videos does not work for all users. It has also been discovered that contacts who have the latest beta of Whatsapp installed can be fortunate to try this tool ..

To discover if the function is already enabled in your messaging application, whether you are an iOS or Android user, simply select an image in Whatsapp and wait about 5 seconds inside the Edit Image screen. Then click on the send button and you will see that the image has been delivered to the server before sending it.

This does not mean that the contents are sent to the users before pressing the send button, but simply the shipment is sent to the server to accelerate the process. However, until you click on the Send button, it is not confirmed that you want to send it to the recipient as well. Then is when the file will be sent immediately without any delay.