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Wentworth's apology scorned as a result continues to count

KERRY Phelps made the rounds on television this morning and enjoyed the success of his victory in the Wentworth election.…

KERRY Phelps made the rounds on television this morning and enjoyed the success of his victory in the Wentworth election.

This was before her margin over the liberal candidate Dave Sharma suddenly tightened to less than a thousand votes. 19659003] Dr Phelps told ABC’s Insiders program an “event sequence” had sealed the fate of the government in Wentworth.

“There were a consequence of events that happened that people became totally concerned with the Liberal Party,” said Phelps.

“They just seemed to be interested in their own self-interest. They just want to talk about their leadership challenges and their fractions and it’s like,” Hang for a second, we’re here, we’re Australian people, we want you to focus on our issues. “

She said the government’s refusal to release her report in religious freedom, and the subsequent proposal that gay children could be thrown out of schools was the first major battle against the Sharma campaign.

The second assassin was the government obviously unintentional support for Pauline Hanson’s “It’s ok to be white” movement in the senate.

Ms. Phelps spit his explanation for the screw.

“The next excuse was” Oops, we did not mean we did not actually read the movement. “It’s a shambolic government, it’s badly ruling and people said,” How can you explain it? How can you call yourself a responsible government and do that? “”

In the evolution of b Y election, Sharma and Scott Morrison argued that Dr Phelps would destabilize Parliament and perhaps even bring down the government

. She told Insiders that she believed that “all governments would go full if there were no exceptional circumstances” and she would not vote for trust.

“We saw that kind of ruthlessness last week with people who voted for movements they had not read and did not understand, and that’s not how I work. I need proof. I need to see a complete map. I need to know what I am voting for, “said Phelps.

She acknowledged that she had been “broken” to run for the seat and always thought her candidacy was a “long shot”.

“It was far from my thoughts until Malcolm Turbull was dumped and everywhere I walked in the streets of the eastern suburbs, someone would come to me and say,” Would you like to run in Wentworth? “She said.” 1

9659003 ] “Jackie and I had to sit and as a family we had to talk about what that would mean, what the consequences would be for our lives and the fact that I would have to spend so much time in Canberra.” [19659003] “I was not prepared to actually make the decision and announced that I would do it until we knew we could do it properly. ”

She really did it properly.

Dr Phelps was greeted with a jubilee when she arrived at her victory party on North Bondi Surf the Life Savers Club last night, and the noise does not die for five minutes.

She took the time to move to the front of the room, stopped hugging and high five followers. On several occasions broke she even took out a dance and an impromptu moshpit was formed immediately around her.

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It was laughing laughing when she began speaking with a verbal slider and thanked “Warringah’s people – Wentworth! “

Warringah is, of course, Tony Abbot’s seat.

Cheers and occasional spontaneous “Kerryn, Kerryn!” greeted almost every sentence she spoke.

“I am humiliated by this privilege and I just want to say thank you, thank you, thank you” the crowd.

The suit was changed shortly afterwards as a group of Dr. Phelps supporters watched the prime minister Scott Morrison take the place for the Liberal Party’s function.

Morrison’s incredible numbers drew frequent hedges from the Russian participants. [19659003] “It will be tough days and it will be good days,” said Morrison.

“It will be a good day when we kick you out!” Screaming a supporter on the TV.

Battling liberal candidate Dave Sharma received a more respectful reception, perhaps because his speech was particularly magnanimous – not just against Dr. Phelps, but against the old member of Wentworth, Malcolm Turnbull.

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