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Weekend Retreat: The Westin Dubai’s Heavenly Spa

With a plethora of ultra-advanced and ingredient heavy, creams and treatments taking over the beauty industry at present, its good to retreat back to nature from time to time. The Westin Dubai’s Heavenly Spa has always been a MOJEH go-to for its holistic approach to beauty solutions. British skin-care brand Elemis – celebrated for its natural and wholesome qualities – champions its product offering, but now Farmhouse Fresh joins the Heavenly family. Think seasonal products, fresh from farms in America, rejuvenating and restoring your natural skin texture. Don’t be surprised if your go-to ingredient or product is off the menu from time to time – seasonal really does mean seasonal at Heavenly. Where aloe-vera may be your favourite one month, cold-pressed coconut oil could be its substitute the next time.

MOJEH Recommends: Food For The Skin Body Treatment. After a thorough exfoliation to remove dead, dry skin, you’ll be cocooned in a warm and nourishing body wrap. Rich, hydrating shea butter is then massaged in to skin, packed with vitamins and minerals to continue nourishing the body hour after hour.