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WEEK: Escalator Crash in Rome Injures Russian Soccer Fans

October 23, 2018 Sports 1 Views Dozens of Russian football fans who had traveled all the way to Rome to…

Dozens of Russian football fans who had traveled all the way to Rome to see their team race against the Roma team were injured when an escalator bothered the Italian capital.

You can see the accident here:

News reports say that about 80 rowdy fans jumped up and down the escalator at Repubblica Subway Station, which chanting in support of CSKA Moscow’s football team. The combined weight of the fans caused the escalator to collapse, sent the belt out of control and drove riders down at a dizzying speed. It is not clear yet how many people were injured in the scary accident. Russian social media say there were as many as thirty injuries, although Italian media said the number was more than ten. Five people are said to be in critical condition, including a man whose foot was partially amputated in the crash.

The UK Express reports that “many people” were caught between the escalator’s steps as his mechanism sped out of control. Emergency workers rushed to the scene and are now working to free the people caught in the broken escalator. Repubblica metro station has been shut down as rescue personnel working to save people caught in the machine’s wreck.

You can see a picture of the broken escalator, here:

Video shots outside the Repubblica subway station shortly after the crash showed that emergency workers help injured persons to riders and ambulances, with sirens flaming and rushing people to the hospital.

The match between Moscow’s CSKA and Rome struck out at 8 o’clock in local time in Rome’s Olympic Stadium. In front of the game, experts predicted that Romans would win, especially given that they play at their own stadium and will have the advantage of home team.

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