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Wear OS Version H rolls out quietly to improve battery life

November 16, 2018 Technology 1 Views Does Google make the relevance of its Wear OS smartwatch platform? It seems to…

Does Google make the relevance of its Wear OS smartwatch platform? It seems to be the case when Nary mentioned smartwatches was made in his latest Google Assistant dump of new features. And now it’s almost quietly updated to Wear OS, simply called “Version H” which you think would be of interest to users. Because it may not be a major update, it addresses one of the biggest shortcomings in smartwatches so far: battery life.

It’s one of the minor updates that can significantly improve the user experience. Smartwatches, especially Wear OS smartwatches, are not exactly known for their long battery life. Any small improvements to extend that life will be received quite positively.

If smartwatch has not detected any activity within the last 30 minutes, it assumes it is not currently used. And then it goes into a deep sleep mode to save the battery until you pick it up or turn it on again. But if you’re going to find your smartwatch dimming under 1

0% charge, Wear OS will enable battery-saving mode and only show time, just like a regular clock.

Google also improves the platform’s ease of use in Version H. For example, you will be able to resume where you left when you switch apps or reuse them after a period of inactivity. If you turn off or restart the smartwatch, you no longer need to dig in the settings. Simply keep the power button pressed until the shutdown screen appears, much like an Android smartphone.

Google says the update will beat devices in the next few months, so Version H is just a teaser of a major update that has not yet arrived. However, Google would have been able to take advantage of this opportunity to dumble over upcoming Wear OS features and insure both users and partners that it has not lost interest in their own smartwatch platform yet.

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