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We need to talk about Bezos Thing – Talking Points Memo

I know nothing about Jeff Bezos. I don't know if he and his wife already had divorce and had started…

I know nothing about Jeff Bezos. I don’t know if he and his wife already had divorce and had started dying for other people or if the news about his relationship / affair triggered the divorce announcement yesterday. He is not a child in a cage on the border. But I don’t think we can ignore the fact that history was broken by the National Enquirer and that Enquirer has acted as a personal attack vehicle for the current president for a couple of decades.

One of the guys who now have a collaboration agreement with New York Prosecutor over the hush payoffs is one of the bylines on Bezo’s history. (It’s Dylan Howard.) Bezos, because he owns The Washington Post, is one of Trump’s best enemies. He has repeatedly attacked him on Twitter and many times in other settings.

One would surely believe that the people at the requestor would be wary of making Trump’s bid if they were in the midst of a major criminal probe, even if they had received immunity. It makes me question the theory to some extent. But I’m not sure there really is any reason to believe they would stop their usual routines. There is no campaign. Probably there is no money exchange.

Can I prove that this was done on Trump’s initiative or on Trump’s behalf? No. I have nothing but an obvious conviction, the most logical departure. Now it’s really true that the requester has business stories. Maybe this just fell in their laps. But I think we should be very suspicious.

Here is Trump chortling about Bezos divorce earlier this morning.

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