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“We Do not Want An Alabama”: Hyde-Smith has Republicans who hold the breath

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“I will be in Gulfport and Tupelo, Mississippi, on Monday night making two collections for Senate or Hyde-Smith, who has a very important choice on Tuesday. She is an outstanding person who is strong at the border, the crime, the military, our major veterinarian, the care and the other A. Needed in DC, Trump wrote Sunday in one of a pair of senators tweets.

RNC has more than 100 paid employees on site this weekend and has made over 500,000 electoral contacts since November 6, a spokesman said. The RNC transferred $ 1 million to the National Republican Senator Committee earlier this month to help fund television ads in Mississippi.

National Republican and White House officials, who have reviewed the poll over the past week, are still convinced that Hyde-Smith will be in charge. They say that surveys have consistently shown her with a lead ranging from the middle of single digits to the low double digits. A public vote conducted last week by RRH Elections had Hyde-Smith up 10 points.

White House officials have long expressed concern about Hyde Smith and worried she was not ready for prime time. Earlier this year, two Trump asked aides Gov. Phil Bryant to appoint someone else to the seat after the retirement of Longtime Republican Sen Thad Cochran. But they are convinced that Hyde-Smith will pull out a victory, even if it is narrower than it should be.

A republican working on the runway who requested anonymity to discuss private voting said the competition has been tightened recently, but expressed confidence that Hyde-Smith should be chosen. “A winner is a victory,” said the Republican.

Dan Eberhart, a Republican megadonator who has contributed greatly to GOP Senate Campaigns this year, said that Trumps rally should eliminate any long-term concerns about the race.

“Trump will carry her over the finish line,” said Eberhart.

Democrats confirm that Hyde-Smith will receive a significant increase from President’s campaign on Monday. But they say that the look will give a spark to their voters as well.

“When he comes up, he will of course postpone the Republican base,” said Bobby Moak, President of the Democratic Party. “But he also does the same with the democratic base.”

Joe Trippi, a consultant working with Espy’s campaign, said that the Democrat probably loses with low single numbers in the closing days of the race. Hyde-Smith surpassed Espy with about 8,400 votes, or just a single percentage, November 6, while Republican Chris McDaniel took 17 percent. They are in a runway, as no candidate is obscured by 50 percent.

Democrats expect high rise from the base, partially reinforced by Hyde-Smith’s comments about being first in line with a public hangout if one of her followers invited her, and a second remark to restrict liberal’s ability to vote. A newspaper in Jackson, Mississippi also reported Friday that she attended a segregation academy for high school.

Espy called the Senator’s comments during the campaign a “black eye” for the state and a new TV ad of her campaign said she strengthened stereotypes the state has worked to overcome. Several national companies, including Walmart and Major League Baseball, have requested that their donations to Hyde-Smith be refunded due to the comments.

Trippi advised Jones during his unlikely victory in Alabama last year and stressed that Jones won only 23,000 votes despite being exposed to a historically bad opponent who motivated Democratic voters and depressed GOP voting.

“We think we have a real shot,” Trippi said and compared Tuesday’s election to the Alabama competition. “But if we win it will be the same” – with a very small margin.

The republicans have since been attacking Espy, who broadcasts television advertisements highlighting the $ 750,000 lobby agreement he received from a ivory dictator earlier this decade. They also send ads that only link him to national democrats like Nancy Pelosi, hoping to prevent any crossover Republican support.

Alex Isenstadt contributed to this report.

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