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We already know when Fortnite arrives on Android


It seems that at last the wait is coming to an end and, sooner rather than later, we will be able to attend the launch of Fortnite for Android . So far Epic Games, developer of the game, had not spoken about it but finally gives us a deadline for the arrival of the game. Do you want to know when you can play the resounding success of iPhone on your mobile Android ?

The popular Battle Royale will hit Android this summer , according to just announced the company itself in a blog post where he reviews the success of Fortnite and what the game is left with. The publication breaks down the new features that have come to Fortnite for iPhone this week, such as the customizable HUD or the development of a new voice chat function exclusively for mobile devices.

We know that communication is key when you are working to achieve a Victory Royale, so we are working to bring voice chat to mobile. In addition, you can chat with your teammates regardless of the platform ”

We already know when Fortnite arrives on Android

As you can read, in addition to enjoying the cross game between mobile and PS4, you can also chat by voice with your friends from the Sony console. However, the most interesting part of the entire publication is the announcement that Fortnite for Android It will be a reality this summer. Until now we only knew the compatible Android phones with Fortnite , but Epic Games announces its arrival in the coming months.

Fortnite comes to Android!

The launch of Fortnite for Android It will take place this summer. We know that many of you are excited about this release, and we promise that when we have more information to share, we will do it right away.

Fortnite on Android

Until now we did not have a date launch of Fortnite for Android and, really, now we do not have a specific day either. However it is good to know that Epic Games is already working on it and we will not have to wait until the end of the year to enjoy the game at our terminals. We do not know if Fortnite will reach Android the same month that comes or in September, but we hope that the expected game does not suffer any kind of delay along the way.

Today, for many scams that promise to have the Fortnite APK for Android , the game of Epic Games is not yet available in Google Play Store. However in the Android application store you can find numerous alternatives to Fortnite as PUBG Mobile .