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Watch Now: Cartier’s Ramadan Tale

Cartier continues its Art of Storytelling with a “Ramadan Tale” for the Holy month

After its revelation last Ramadan of Jacques Cartier’s travel story to the Gulf back in 1912, the luxury maison follows with its latest release, Cartier’s Ramadan Tale. Inspired by A Thousand and One Nights, the story stalks the famous Cartier Panthere as it roams the dark alleys of a traditional Arabian city. Wherever the elegant feline passes lanterns come to life, lighting up Mucharabieh clad windows revealing families reunited to break their fast. “Cartier has a unique and cherished history with the Middle East and is honored to be part of special moments in the region,” Guillaume Alix, Managing Director of Cartier Middle East stated.“We are deeply inspired by the spirit of generosity, sharing and gathering which are all at the essence of the Holy Month of Ramadan.”

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