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Watch NASA release 450,000 liters of water in 1 minute

October 26, 2018 Science 1 Views The system uses 450,000 liters of water and is created to reduce the heat…

The system uses 450,000 liters of water and is created to reduce the heat and noise caused by a rocket launch, but – even without the rocket – it is impressive to watch. It is called the ignition system for overpressure and sound shutdown, and NASA uses it to keep the launch plate at a manageable temperature, even if it is blown by a rocket.

When a rocket leaves the launcher plate, all the moments turn, but the technology that holds launches that work with the highest efficiency is quite great in itself. The goal: reduce the extreme amount of heat and energy generated by a rocket launch. A previous wet flow test took place in May.

The test was conducted at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

NASA conducted a similar test earlier this year so that they could identify all necessary problems and make changes to improve its

“Exploration Mission-1

is the first in a series of increasingly complex missions that allow human exploration to the moon . ”

The test is part of the preparations for the launch of the Exploration Assignment 1 and the following assignments. and Mars, “said NASA. It is expected to start in June 2020.

The system is designed to carry greater payload and generate more energy, which could open the door for deep space missions” including robot science missions to places like Mars, Saturn and Jupiter “NASA.

” It will scroll a track that people will follow on the next Orion flight and shoot the edges on the envelope to prepare for that mission. “

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