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WATCH: Did Panthers 'Eric Reid go after Eagles' Malcolm Jenkins before the game?

There was a little brouhaha before the pregame coin flip. It looked like Eric Reid had to be held back…

PHILADELPHIA – Tensions were high at the start of the Eagles-Panther’s game on Sunday at Lincoln Financial Field.

As the Eagles and Panthers took to midfield for the pre-game coin flip, Panthers safety Eric Reid had to be restrained by his teammates, including former Eagles receiver Torrey Smith. Reid was later seen jawing with Eagles safety Malcolm Jenkins early in the game, occasionally shouting towards the Eagles sideline while he was in the game on defense.

Reid does have a history with Jenkins, both of them involved in the last two years with protests during the national anthem about racial injustice and police brutality.

Here’s some background on their history …

Jenkins, a co-founder of the Players Coalition, stopped his protest late last season – which involved raising his first – after the NFL announced it would contribute almost $ 100 Million two causes that were considered as important to players in the coalition

Reid, with the San Francisco 49s at the time, did not take kindly to Jenkins agreed to that with the NFL, claiming that Jenkins excluded Colin Kaepernick from the meetings and asked players if they would stop protesting the anthem if the NFL made a charitable donation to cause them to support.

“Malcolm did text me this morning asking if we would be comfortable ending our demonstrations if the NFL made a donation,” Reid said last November, per NBC Sports. “At that point, that was the last straw for me. He had a conversation with the NFL. We agreed that multiple people would be part of the conversations with the league so it would not be him. He is on that. At no point did we ever communicate an agreement with the NFL to end the protest. “

There’s more:” I have not been satisfied with the structure of the coalition or the communication Malcolm has been having The NFL on his own, speaking on behalf of protesting players when he does not protest, “Reid said.” We communicated these concerns to him many times and have had numerous phone calls about it. Our concerns have not been reflected with how “

Jenkins expressed support for Reid after he went through the offseason and start of the regular season without finding a new team, though he finally signed with the panthers.

“I think anybody who is considering him is going to weigh his political views and the strong stance that he has taken the last couple of years, and that’s unfortunate, but it’s just kind of what it is,” Jenkins said in March. “So hopefully, teams will look fit that and evaluate him as a player, and I think as a player he deserves a spot in this league.”

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