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Washington State's Best GameDay signs: Amazing scene in Pullman!

ESPN's College GameDay was live from Pullman, Wash., Visiting Washington State for the first time ever. Naturally, Wazzu fans were…

ESPN’s College GameDay was live from Pullman, Wash., Visiting Washington State for the first time ever. Naturally, Wazzu fans were quite excited ahead of the Cougs’ matchup against Oregon on Saturday night.

First, the signs, and Wazzu fans had some great ones.

Sign of the week, imo:


Speaking of weddings!


A perfect description:

I’m assuming they mean the Tuscany in Italy, and there are no objections here:

Shots fired at Oregon fans:

The MMA fighter can not throw a football, and neither can Oregon’s QB, WSU fans allge:

A wild Kanye appears!

Cue a Washington kicker joke!

Big, if true:

Oh hi, Pac-12.

I’m not sure what this is but I’m sure it’s delicious:

A very true statement about Cougs head coach Mike Leach:

commissioner Larry Scott:

This UCF sign has LIGHTS!

The scene all around Pullman’s first ever GameDay was dope than hell.

One of the more unforgettable ones in the show’s history, hands down.

Wazzu’s Coug mascot rode out the back of a dang four wheeler with an Ol ‘Crimson flag:


You know, this guy:

This was all so awesome to see, after Coug fans waited a long time to host.

It was worth the wait! How pumped were Wazzu fans for GameDay’s arrival? Well for starters, local Pullman stores ordered much more booze and weed than usual to prepare for Coug fans’ understandably high thirst levels for Saturday.

At Valhalla, a regular home football weekend lifts business six times above usual numbers, Trocino, the bar’s GM, told me. But there’s no parallel for what GameDay brings.

“Normally, we consider Apple Cup to be the one ‘blow you out of the water, just order like crazy, do everything you can to be prepared, all the time, “she said.” But this one is even more so. “

At Dissmore’s, the grocery store, sales are usually double for a football weekend. But this week?

“It’s abnormal,” the owner, McGregor, said. “It’s not something normal.”

He did not disclose specific sales figures, but meeting demand has required planning .

Oh, and the city of Pullman even declared an “emergency” to deal with the influx of people expected for the occasion! Anyway, back to signs!


Something especially cool to see Saturday morning – the Wazzu flag, Ol ‘Crimson, which has appeared on the broadcast for 200 straight weeks, was finally flown on the show in Pullman. There were multiple this week, naturally:

There were a ton more flags than a usual broadcast, too – and not just Wazzu ones!

Whoever brought this one is a hero:

Here’s the backstory to Ol ‘Crimson’s GameDay existence:

And to top it all off, Lee Corso picked the Cougs!

Incredible job, pullman

I think it’s safe to say GameDay will most definitely be making a trip back some day.

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