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Washington Redskins Josh Norman did not speak about meeting former Cowboy Dez Bryant

October 19, 2018 Sports 0 Views ASHBURN, Va. – Cornerback Josh Norman once paid off his rivalry with Dez Bryant.…

ASHBURN, Va. – Cornerback Josh Norman once paid off his rivalry with Dez Bryant. That does not mean he will miss against the broad recipient on Sunday when Washington Redskins hosts Dallas Cowboys.

The cowboys cut Bryant in the offseason, and he remains unsigned. So instead of a Norman vs. Bryant storyline dominating the week, it’s just about the game – and it’s good with the corner back.

“I get a little sigh of relief from all chats and can have a fun game. Nice,” Norman said Thursday.

Dez Bryant and Josh Norman argue during a 2016 Cowboys-Redskins game. Rob Carr / Getty Images

Their rivalry began three years ago, when Norman played for Carolina Panthers and held Bryant to two 26-meter prisoners on Thanksgiving. Later, Norman fired the first volley.

“Hi, they must get Dez’s 70 miles back,” Norman told reporters.

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When Norman signed with Washington in 2016 offseason, it meant that he would meet Bryant twice a year in the NFC East and that matchup would be a story every time.

Their second meeting in 2016 also featured fireworks, with the two who came into play in each other’s face; they must be separated in the field afterwards. Bryant received five passes for 72 meters in the match but only had two catches for 19 meters against Norman, who covered the receiver everywhere but in the castle.

Bryant said after the match: “I really think the guy is extremely soft. He’s a lot of talk. If he was over and over, I would not dare to my life, let him talk to me so.”

To which Norman replied, “It’s like I’m trash and he hit me all day. I just do not understand. As I said, if it increases his ego or feeds the fuel or what he has in his head, it’s. But we have played the game three times already and my numbers speak for themselves. He can cry, holler, hoot, what he wants to do. At the end of the day, as I said, zero touchdowns. “

They collected their rivalry in 2017 and did an advertisement for the Samsung Galaxy and poking fun on the other. But the excitement of the field swam. Now it’s gone.

“I do not miss it at all,” Norman said Thursday. “It’s a relief, if anything. I think the media miss it, than we do, just leads to it and all the motions that accompany it.”

But Norman could not help kidding the Cowboys a bit. UFC fighter Conor McGregor participated in Dallas 40-7 victory over Jacksonville Jaguars and was on the sidelines before the match and even participated in a pregame huddle with some players trying to make them fired. When Norman was asked Thursday he would take in to make Washington hyped, he had a quick response.

“It would not be him. It would be the guy who hit him,” says Norman, referring to Khabib Nurmagomedov. “I do not understand why they got him. I’m just saying.” If I can call that guy, he can come back to the states. I would definitely bring him here for that match. “

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