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Warriors vs. Bucks Points: Golden State shows that there is still one level above all others by winning sluggish games

MILWAUKEE – The first time Milwaukee Bucks and Golden State Warriors met this season won Bucks with 23 points at…

MILWAUKEE – The first time Milwaukee Bucks and Golden State Warriors met this season won Bucks with 23 points at Oracle Arena and Steph Curry was injured. This time things went a lot better for the war arena. With Curry back in the show, Warriors Bucks held 105-95 in a strange competition.

“It was almost like an old-fashioned NBA game,” said Bucks head coach Mike Budenholzer. “Both teams’ defense came after it and made it difficult for each other.”

Curry and Klay Thompson led the wars by 20 points, while Giannis Antetokounmpo was the highest point for Bucks by 22. Here are some

Great stars disappointed in sluggish games

With two of the best teams in the league that went On the primetime national television there was a lot of excitement for this game &#821

1; but it did not really match the billing. It was much more competitive than the first Bucks-Warriors matchup this season, but it was not just a good game – the two teams were combined for a lot of 37 transactions and 105 missed shots.

In addition, most stars failed to live up to expectations. Giannis Antetokounmpo finished 20 points and 15 rebounds, but he did not have his best things – but it’s a sign of how good he is now that he can put that line on a piece of a night. Meanwhile, Khris Middleton passed 4-in-14 from the field and finished with just 10 points. On the Warriors side, Kevin Durant was as bad and shot 3-in-14 from the 11-point field. Curry got 20 points, but does not shoot well either, goes 7-of-17.

Playoff Iguodala shows up

The wars have not seemed quite unfair this season as they have in previous campaigns, but Friday night’s game was a reminder of how much talent they have on this list. Klay Thompson played well, but Draymond Green was out and Durant and Curry fought, so the warriors simply went to their fifth option: Future Hall of Famer Andre Iguodala. The veteran puts together one of his best games this season, finishing 15 points and eight rebounds while playing his usual unbelievable defense.

“Others have a feel for when we need to do well,” Warrior’s head coach Steve Kerr said after the win. “This was a game that meant a lot to us. We were embarrassed a few weeks ago. We have an eye on them. This is a team we can play later. This is the last time we will play them. We wanted to come out and defend our best defense. I thought it was. I thought it was our best defensive game of the year. We got it right from the opening point. “

Buck’s 3-Point Shot

] Bucks has undergone a 3-point revolution this season and tried more than 40 triples one night under new head coach Mike Budenholzer. It has helped them get a good start this season, but relying so hard on the 3-point shot can lead to some tough nights as Bucks experienced in this game. They missed their first seven try from the center, being 1 in 14 at one point in the first half and finishing 7-of-39, for 17.9 percent, punctured by several shots that did not even hit the rim. It was both the least 3’s they made this season and their worst single game rate.

Antetokounmpo but said that Bucks will not let a bad shooting night phase them. “You have to live with it,” he said after the match. “If your teammate is open and taking a shot and it does not work, you have to live with it. For the next game he will make that shot.” Everything we care about is good shot. “

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