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Warriors stun Jazz in the early favorite of this year's game; Curry and Durant combine for 69 points

A field over six seconds left. Jazz leads Warriors by one. Kevin Durant and Stephen Curry have combined for 69…

A field over six seconds left. Jazz leads Warriors by one. Kevin Durant and Stephen Curry have combined for 69 points in this year’s favorite game for this year’s game – and who wins that for the Golden State on a score of 0.3 seconds left?

Jonas Jerebko.

Regarding the regular season game, especially at the beginning of the season, you would find it hard to find a more soul loss than this one for the jazzen, who was only very light all night to be pulled from behind and bested by probably the only team in the league that could have won this game. Warriors 1

24, Jazz 123. Just an incredible basketball game.

Get this: Jazzen hung 81 points on Warriorsna … in the first half! Joe Ingles was 7 out of 11 from three for career high 27 points. Jazzen shot 46 three in one team and made 41 percent of them. The energy in the building was through the ceiling, even by Utah’s crazy atmosphere standards. The jazz had the Golden State down with as much as 16 and threatened to really pull away.

But these warriors third quarter, man. Curry was loose. They bent on defenses, scrapping and clawing as a forward-looking team trying to break the playoff rather than one who has won three of the last four NBA titles and should not give up two games of the second game of the season.

But that is the case about the war arena: they care. I know they beat a little last year and only won 58 matches. But it is for those who have really looked at this team when it comes into the fifth year of their dynastic driving, these Warriors are genuine identity: they have something to prove. Always. They are all so damn competitive, and they love everyone to play so much that these games that do not matter to them play a role. When they are big and most teams would pack in, they do not. They continue to play. Continue shooting. For all their talents, it’s the most remarkable to watch how deep they think they can win any game, no matter what hole they are in.

Jazzen is also a force. It was not a crazy game that they got flash in a bottle and just got hot. I mean they became hot. It was a back and forth sequence in the first half of the year when it became difficult not to laugh at the speed the three years fell. Seriously, look at this bomber. The jazz dropped in the second quarter alone: ​​

After a double-day daughter to open the season this Friday night’s national TV slate was bonkers. First Kawhi lifted the Raptors past the Celtics in what I thought would be the lead leader of this year’s game, but then Utah and the warriors went to nuclear weapons. Listen, I’m the king to come before me and watch sports. I get stuck in things. I admit it. But I think the rockets became much worse this offseason, and it’s hard for me to consider any team that gives significant minutes to Carmelo Anthony a real title contender. Is Utah the newest, biggest threat to the Golden State in the West? Is it too early to say that? I do not know, man. They are pretty damn good.

The war is just better.

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