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Warriors manage networks without Steph Curry, Draymond Green

[embedded content] OAKLAND – Warrior's star is expected to score, no matter who is playing with him. So Kevin Durant…

OAKLAND – Warrior’s star is expected to score, no matter who is playing with him. So Kevin Durant always stays.

Warriors’ reserve is expected to run the crime, no matter how irregular his protocol has become. So, Quinn Cook is always ready.

So when the warriors lost the NBA’s best shooter (Stephen Curry, left lion), league best defender (Draymond Green, right foot) and a trustworthy reserve (Shaun Livingston, right foot), the excellency of the war was not compromised. Durant and Cook did not make it happen.

Instead, the Wars crossed a 1

16-100 victory over Brooklyn Nets on Saturday at the Oracle Arena. Durant and Cook controlled the engine.

Durant posted 28 points while shooting 9-of-15 shots and 9-of-9 from the free kick in 31 minutes. He added 11 assists and five rebounds. It represented the perfect mix Warriors like from Durant without Curry’s brilliant shooting, gravity and playmaking.

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“It’s a hell of a luxury to be able to beat the offensive against him and make him do the majority of ball handling,” said Warrior’s coach Steve Kerr.

Cook scored 27 points while shooting 11 out of 16 from the field and 3 -of-5 from a 3-point interval of 40 minutes. He added five assists and four rebounds. Kerr also called Cook’s defense “solid.” And he did all of these despite the fact that he did not spend this season either on the bench because of a coach’s decision (two games) or managed reduced playing time (12.2 minutes per game).

“It did not shock me,” says Kerr. “It’s a brand for a professional. He is a good fit for us and always prepared and always ready.

[Josef Fajardo / Bay Area News Group]

Durant and Cook were prepared in various ways.

The warriors usually lean on Curry and Durant to manage their points. Some games complement each other. Durant of Curry in the equation, Durant obviously has a bigger workload. He got used to that last season when Curry missed a combined 31 matches last season, mainly due to overlapping ankle and knee injuries.

“I did not think so. I just tried to play how the game was presented, “said Durant. “It was more shots made than my passports. There were a couple who were low and a couple who were tough. My teammates did a good job of finishing.”

The war has not leaned on Cook as much this season . He expected a bigger role this season after becoming the team’s emotion-good story by morphing from a two-way player in Santa Cruz to the team’s final starter during Curry’s injury. With Curry nursing overlapping ankle and knee lesions, Cooks on average 14.6 points on 49.3 percent shooting and 3.9 help in a combined 18 game as a starter. Then Warriors wrote him to his playoff roster and this season.

“I felt comfortable,” said Cook. “Our guys are doing a great job to make you feel important and make you feel part of the team, even when you do not play or play.”

(Jose Carlos Fajardo / Bay Area News Group)

The game featured more than just Cook and Durant. Warriors guard Klay Thompson scored 24 points while shooting 11-of-20 from the field and 2-of-5 from a 3-point range of 29 minutes. Warrior Forward Jonas Jerebko thrived as the team’s starting power forward (eight points on 4-in-9 shot). Warrior Forward Jordan Bell recovered from bad night against Milwaukee as a starting ticket (two errors in the first two minutes) with five points, seven rebounds, two assists and two stalks for 27 minutes in the midst of a more comfortable rotation and floor distance.

But things mostly circled back to Durant and Cook.

Cook made his first seven shots and got the Warriors Center DeMarcus Cousins ​​to say to him: “Be aggressive, be aggressive, be aggressive. Durant opened the game to a defensive defender with either a pass, mid-level shot or free kick. 19659002] “We have a good report,” said Cook. “He advises me. I give him advice. We have a good connection out there. Of course we know each other’s game down to a T. It’s definitely a blessing to be out with him. He makes all the work easier. Durant and Cook grew up as childhood friends in Prince George Country, Maryland. At any time boil a train, watch movies or play basketball with Durant, he immediately thinks back to his childhood.

] “It’s surreal, we’re here at this point in our lives right now,” Cook said. “We try to take advantage of it every day. He helps me so much to be a professional. Of course, I want to be where he is one day – a Hall of Famer. Learning from a guy like that every day I try to take advantage of it. “

The 30-year-old Durant is certainly not as reflective about those days and notes the age difference with the 25-year-old Cook. However, Durant has become proud of Cook’s growth. Kerr observed that Cook felt” a little coat of arms “during the last season’s portions. But after Durant and the other Warriors All-Stars had said that Cook would take open shots, he became more empowered.

“We do not expect him to lead us. But how he checked the game, how he shot and how he was aggressive, we need it every night, says Durant. It is no surprise to me that he can do this. I want him to continue to work and continue to be a good teammate. Consistency is what you want in this league as a player. Durant has prided himself to stay consistent. He has an average of 26.8 points while shooting 55.3 percent from the field along with 7.3 returns and 6.2 helps. So even though he increased his role without Curry, Durant did not play a character.

Even though his responsibility was pale in comparison, Cook did not play out of character. After receiving three healthy scratches, Cook completed an exercise after game to keep his rhythm. He can no longer keep reps by dominating Santa Cruz as he did last season. So, Cook has been disciplined in racing in 3-against-3 and 4-on-4 play at Warrior’s training facility.

“The guys who do not stand in a rotation for a certain amount of time or do not play for a certain amount of minutes need to get ready,” said Cook. “We still play every day. Of course, it’s not over thousands of fans and it’s another atmosphere when it’s live action. But you’re still getting your reps up and still getting up early, staying late and trying to stay fit.” [19659002] How does Cook maintain that setting? Leave it to his childhood friend to explain what makes him free.

“Quinn thinks he’ll be ready no matter what,” Durant said. “He does not feel right or feels he has to play. When he does not play, he obviously wants to be out there. But he still works with his game and still looks and is engaged in the game and thinking about the game too.” When his song is called, can he go out and produce. “

Will Durant’s reliability and Cook’s consistency affect Curry’s timetable?

For how long Curry stays sidelined, Durant is likely to be the team’s leading scorer and major game champion. For how long Curry stays sideways, Cook will likely be the team’s starting point watch and control a crash based on both shooting, setting teammates and minimizing mistakes.

How long will it be? The warriors can get answers soon. It would not be surprising. Curry will stay in the coach’s room for Monday’s match against Los Angeles Clippers in L.A. and Tuesday’s match against Atlanta Hawks at the Oracle Arena. The warriors did not offer a final timetable at Curry or Livingston. But Kerr had said that both players needed the job before returning. The warfare has only an optional exercise, but on Sunday. These sessions usually involve player development work for the team’s younger players and treatment of team veterans.

(Jose Carlos Fajardo / Bay Area News Group)

“We will not change our thinking on Steph based on how someone else is playing,” Kerr said. “It will help for sure, but Steph will be back when he is well.” We will not take any chances, but meanwhile, if Quinn is playing, it’s a big help of course. “

At least one night, Durant and Cook gave the necessary help needed to absorb absence to two key stars and a reliable reserve. 19659037] Think of Warrior’s coach a fan of Minnesota Timberwolves Butler to Philadelphia 76ers for a simple occasion.

“We hope more stars will continue to go east,” Kerr said. “Not ours. Other people.”

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