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Warframes Massive Fortuna Expansion is added to Hoverboards and a new open world

Over the years, Warframe has grown from a modest online action game to one of the more remarkable success stories…

Over the years, Warframe has grown from a modest online action game to one of the more remarkable success stories on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Since its debut, the online player with “space lines” at the helmet has slowly expanded its repertoire of places, playable characters and loot to acquire within its spreading and ever-evolving universe. As a fan base has grown exponentially since its inception, Warframe has expanded steadily with it, and it is now ready for its biggest update yet.

During a lifetime before the Fortuna Expansion launch, game director Steve Sinclair gave a sincere look at the development process behind the massive update from Digital Extreme Office. A total of over 45,000 viewers at Twitch discussed the amount of work that went into expansion’s launch, while there were some plagues for what would come.

With the Fortuna expansion, now like a free PC update &#821

1; with consoles coming sometime afterwards – you get back to Planet Venus and reveal a new hot that slowly brews. Introducing another open world to explore, and a faction of cyborgs called Solaris United, Fortuna expands the existing planet and systems in Warframe in the widest possible way. With two distinct areas of Venus to dive in, the surface of Orb Vallis and the underground depth of Fortuna’s colony, you will participate in an effort to gradually introduce turntables and a new frame of Garuda to acquire.

This expansion follows in particular in the footsteps of last year’s amazing Plains of Eidolon, which introduced Warframe’s first open world space on Earth. Like the other large-scale map, you can freely explore the places at your leisure while participating in any page activity and dynamic events that occur. Like the previous expansion, you also have a new hub to explore, where you can interact with many cities and special characters to learn more about their own stories and reveal events. Additionally, you continue from Plains of Eidolon to the armed forces, to mix and match components to create new melee weapons and firearms. ” data-full-srcset=” 3840w, 1280w, 480w”/> Gallery image 4  Gallery image 4  Gallery image 6  Gallery image 2  Gallery image 2  Gallery image 3  Gallery image 4  Gallery image 4 ] Gallery image 8  Gallery image 9  Gallery image 10

Within these new areas there is also a wealth of mini games and activities to participate in – including well-known favorites such as fishing and mining, which have seen some improvements. Fortuna also introduces a new hunting activity focusing on tracking rare creatures in nature. But instead of hunting for sports or materials, you will actually save these animals from extinction. Although there are plenty of small animals to encounter, Fortuna also has many other special sample types, which are a bit more difficult to find than others.

To help players cover more land in Fortuna, Warframe introduces a hoverboard for players to acquire. Known as K-Drives, these vehicles are locked up after completion of key missions. While the well-known Archwings are still available – so you can fly over areas on the map – hoverboards are a bit faster and you can even pull off some tricks when you get enough air. After meeting a friendly faction in the colony, you can apply for new upgrades and customization options to your board, which will offer more style when you slip and swooping across the map.

With the coming Switch version on the way too, Warframe really looks to offer more variety of content, but also in how you want to play the game. Outside, Fortuna offers a lot of content for players, in addition to a number of quality enhancements. This new expansion seems to be another big step forward for the game – which will make a reassessment worth it.

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