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Want A Workout Routine To Build Muscles Quickly? Try FST-7

In the next couple of lines, we’ll talk about a new workout routine FST – 7 The name of this…

In the next couple of lines, we’ll talk about a new workout routine

FST – 7

The name of this program is short for “Fascial Stretch Training”, this program is different from other programs; For it focuses on the stretching of the fascial tissue that covers the muscles and blood vessels forming a membrane around them.

This membrane is responsible for providing support and protection to the body in addition to absorbing the shocks the body faces in different situations, and the reason we are focusing on this tissue, is that stretching it helps in growing the muscle mass, because of the increased amounts of minerals, amino acids, and oxygen that tissues are receiving.

This program is special because it doesn’t determine how many workouts you should do in every session; It also doesn’t address dividing the body into groups of muscles, for it only gives main principles regarding what to do in the last exercise you do while exercising every part of your body in each workout session.

This program dictates that you should do seven sets (15-repeats each) in every final exercise of every muscle group; You should also make the breaks between these set as short as possible, not exceeding 30 seconds in total in order to keep the muscles as active as possible; While as for the rest of the exercises you can take a 60-120 seconds break.

It’s also preferred to use lighter weights in the last exercise; (compared to the weights you usually use for the same exercise) due to the number of sets and repeats.

One of the most important benefits of this program, is boosting metabolism levels to optimal for losing fat or building muscle mass especially if it’s accompanied by the right diet.

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