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Wanaque Center separates patients after 11 children die from virus outbreaks

Editor's Note: Do you have a family member in the Pediatric Unit at the Wanaque Center for Nursing and Rehabilitation…

Editor’s Note: Do you have a family member in the Pediatric Unit at the Wanaque Center for Nursing and Rehabilitation or a child affected by the virus outbreak there? would like to hear from you. You can contact us at (732) 902-4559 or write to Susan Livio at [email protected], Spencer Kent at [email protected] or Ted Sherman at [email protected]

The facility where 34 children have been infected with a virus outbreak has met a state-of-the-art time to separate “physically fragile” children from those who are ill, almost two months after the first child has been infected. Eleven children have died.

The Wanaque Center for Nursing and Rehabilitation is about an outbreak of adenovirus, a respiratory disease that causes flu or cold-like symptoms but can be much more harmful to those who are physically fragile. 1

9659005] At least 34 children have been exposed to the virus since the outbreak began in late September, health commissioner Shereef Elnahal said.

2 children were in “irreversible shock” and dying when they finally came to ER at virus outbreak

Doracase Dolcin, 4, was among the first to die on October 8th.

Wanaque officials were ruled by the Ministry of Health separated patients by 21 November, but met the requirement four days earlier. In response, a call for volunteers from the State Medical Reserve Corps has been canceled, the department said in a statement on Saturday.

“The institution imposed these requirements on the facility to ensure a safer environment for these immune-defensive children,” said Elnahal in a statement. “We have decided to separate diseases from asymptomatic residents among the most important measures to prevent further spread of the virus.”

The facility said that previously unable to divide accommodation due to lack of space.

As of Monday, Wanaque Center will also need to hire a certified infection control practitioner and a state-approved physician with certification in infectious diseases, said the department.

Feedbacks to the facility will also be reviewed on Monday as these consultants begin to work.

The outbreak of adenovirus at Wanaque Center began when the children began to be ill on September 26, according to the state health department, when the first child was diagnosed with respiratory injuries .

But it would not be until two children were already killed that the Wanaque Center reported local health department officials on October 9 in a cluster of respiratory diseases.

The state did not send inspectors until 21 October.

Staff writer Ted Sherman contributed to this report.

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