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Walmart Black Friday 2018 Offers Starting Tonight: $ 250 iPad, $ 100 Google Home Hub, $ 60 Instant Pot and more

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For serious black Friday, dogs are shopping, tonight is the night.

Walmarts Black Friday sales prices are scheduled to go live online tonight, Wednesday 21

November at 10 Eastern Time (7 p.m. PT). This means you do not need to visit the store to take advantage of their discounts. And you do not have to wait for Black Friday, or even Thanksgiving.

If you’re more of a traditional black friday and enjoy going to the store, sales in the physical stores will drop at 6 o’clock in the morning. local time on Thanksgiving.

With that in mind, we broke this post into three sections:

  • Offers available now (online and in store). This includes mostly game consoles and bundles that have been on sale for a while, including at other stores.
  • Offers start tomorrow online (Wednesday 21 November, 10:00 ET / 7 pm PT.) This includes most of Walmart’s best deals, including deals available elsewhere, like $ 250 iPad. Note that Walmart’s ad is unclear if all offers in this section will actually be available online, and we expect them to be sold out quickly tonight anyway.
  • Offers are only available in stores. This section consists of telephone transactions, as Walmart says you must visit the store (6 pm local time on Thanksgiving, Thursday 22 November)

Scroll down to see some of our favorite Walmart Black Friday offers, starting off with those available now – and check out more offers in the slideshow below .

Some notes to remember:

  • We were linked to the current listing on Walmart’s website when one was available, but the sales prices will not be available until sales begin tonight . [19659013] CNET may receive a portion of the proceeds from the sale of the products on this page.

Walmart Black Friday Awards Now Available

Xbox One S Minecraft Package for $ 199 (Save $ 100)

Tania Gonzalez / CNET

This bundle brings together a 1TB Xbox One S with Minecraft, the megapopular building game that suits all ages.

Look at Walmart

Read the CNET review

Xbox One X for $ 399 (save $ 100)

Josh Miller

Want the more powerful Xbox One X? It is available for $ 100 off, too. This console gives a full 4K gaming experience, and it also plays 4K headlights (PS4 Pro can not do it the same way).

Look at Walmart

Read the CNET review

Note that you can also get Xbox One S or One X with some other newer games by paying only $ 30 more. It’s still a net saving, because you’re likely to pay $ 60 for these games if you buy separately.

Xbox One S Package for $ 229 at Walmart:

See Forza Horizon 4 Bundle
See NBA 2K19 Bundle
See Battlefield V Bundle

Xbox One X Bundles for $ 429 at Walmart:

See PUBG Bundle
See Fallout 76 Bundle
See NBA 2K19 Bundled

PlayStation 4 Slim (1TB) + Spider-Man Bundle: $ 200 (save $ 100)

Aloysius Low / CNET

If you have not purchased a next generation console yet, here’s one of the best prices to convince you to pony up. This is the 1TB PS4 Slim version with the excellent Spider-Man, all for $ 200.

(Update: From 8:45 on Wednesday 21st November it will go out but go out all day yesterday so it may return soon If it’s out while reading this, try Gamestop, Target, or Best Buy. It may also be available for download at local stores by these dealers.)

Watch Walmart

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PlayStation VR + 2 Move controls + Creed, Superhot bundle: $ 249 (save $ 100)


If you already have a PS4, this virtual reality starts your bundle. It includes the PlayStation VR helmet, 2 Move controllers and 2 compatible games: Creed: Rise to Glory and Superhot VR. It is widely available to most other major retailers.

Look at Walmart

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Walmart Black Friday offers are available as of today online (Wednesday 21 November at 10:00 AM ET / 19:00 PT)

2018 iPad, $ 250 (save $ 80)

Sarah Tew / CNET

This deal will be publicly available during Black Friday week, but Walmart will have iPad 2018 for sale first – a good price for a good gift.

$ 250.00 at Walmart

iPad review

Google Home Hub, $ 99 (save $ 50)

Brian Bennett / CNET

It’s a lot 33 percent of the extremely practical Google Home Hub, just released. And it has no camera, so it’s a more comfortable bedroom and kitchen mate like other smart shows.

$ 99.00 at Walmart

Google Home Hub review

Nintendo Switch package with Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, $ 300 (save $ 70)

Mark Licea / CNET

The hottest game console on the planet, Nintendo Switch is usually $ 299 per se. This package includes the system’s best party game, worth $ 70.

Please note that this store is now available at Best Buy and elsewhere.

Read the Nintendo Switch review

This price is not a bug

65-inch 4K Smart Roku TV: $ 398

Sarah Tew / CNET

This is a crazy prize on a big TV with Roku, the best smart TV- The system CNET has ever tested. Walmart’s ad says that the TV is either TCL 65S4 or Sharp LC-65Q7300U. We have not reviewed any model directly, but TCL says it has “similar shape and function” to the S405 as we reviewed 2017 (the picture), which costs about $ 350 more at 65 inches.

Look at Walmart

Read CNETs S405 review

cheapest. 40-inch TV. Ever.

40-inch Hisense 1080p TV: $ 99


We have also not reviewed this Hisense (Model 40EU3000), but we guess the image quality is at the bottom end of “acceptable” best. But this is the lowest price we’ve ever seen for a 40-inch TV. Just last year, we were excited about 32-inch televisions for $ 99. Insanity.

Google Home Mini for $ 25 (half price)

Chris Monroe / CNET

Amazon does not sell Google Assistant products because they compete directly with their Alexa-powered Echo speakers. And while this great half-price agreement on the Google Home Mini is widely available almost everywhere, it will be available at the earliest at Walmart.

Look at Walmart

Read the CNET review

Roku Ultra for $ 48 [half-price]

Sarah Tew / CNET

The highest end Roku is enhanced on our favorite 4K streamer, Streaming Stick Plus, with a headphone jack on the remote, a remote finder and, new for 2018 , JBL headphones, a value of $ 30. This price is also available at Target and elsewhere, but Walmart throws in a $ 35 credit for Sling TV, a $ 5 Vudu credit and a free Month Showtime, a $ 11 value, to get you to buy it. ( Disclosure : Showtime is a division of CBS, parent company of CNET.)

Watch Walmart

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Retro Arcade Machine (Pac-Man or Galaga), $ 249 (save $ 50)

Sarah Tew / CNET

Who would not like an arcade machine in his house?

It’s only $ 50, but $ 249 is not too bad for Galaga! And Walmart was exclusive on this Pac-Man machine, for some reason.

$ 249.00 at Walmart

Arcade1up preview

Promotions available in stores only from Thanksgiving, Nov. 22 at 6 pm ET

iPhone X, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus: $ 400 Gift Certificate

Sarah Tew / CNET

From the cheapest TV: n to the most expensive iPhones … last year. You pay full price for iPhone X, iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 Plus, but a $ 400 gift card (it’s four Insignia 40-inch TV!) Hard to pass if you’re a regular Walmart shopper. You must activate via AT & T, Sprint or Verizon.

This store is only in store: 22 Nov at 06.00. until November 23rd. Schedule an activation department at 6 o’clock Activation begins at 8 o’clock.

Read CNET’s iPhone X Review

iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR: $ 300 Gift Card

Josh Miller / CNET

Wait, do you want a new iPhone? It will cost you even more, and net a smaller value gift card. But if you get cheaper XR ($ 750), it’s a good deal and it might be worth going to Walmart to make it happen.

This store is only in store: November 22 at. until November 23rd. Schedule an activation department at 6 o’clock Activation begins at 8 o’clock.

Read the iPhone XR review

Samsung Galaxy S9, Not 9, S9 Plus, S8, S8 Plus: $ 300 Gift Card

Josh Miller / CNET

Similar store where you have to pay full price in store, but with a cheaper phone. The S9 from 2018 starts at $ 650, while the S8 models from 2017 are even cheaper. If you’re not connected to iPhone, these Samsung’s pretty cute bargains with the gift card.

This store is only in store: November 22 at. 18:00. until November 23rd. Schedule an activation department at 6 o’clock Activation begins at 8 o’clock.

Read the Galaxy S9 review

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