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Wallpapers in high resolution for mobile range topes


If there is something that mid-range / high-end smartphones have nowadays, it is that they have become so popular in our eyes. We have smartphones like the Galaxy S9 , he LG LG7 or the Moto Z2 Force among others reaching Quad-HD resolutions that have made screen densities that exceed 500ppp are usual, and of course, we need wallpapers in high resolution for mobile that are consistent with them.

That’s why we leave you here for a collection of 51 wallpapers that will save you the task of having to search for a fund that maximizes the potential of your device. And it is very sad to have a screen capable of offering an extraordinary level of detail and yet show pixels as chickpeas only because many funds do not offer the right quality.

Wallpapers in high resolution for all tastes

We know that a good wallpaper can give a new look to a smartphone in a very simple way, making our use of it much more pleasant and giving us that feeling of novelty that we like so much.

In the collection that we leave here, we have wallpapers in high resolution for mobile phones very different type . They do not follow a specific theme, but in them they intermingle urban photos, night scenes, landscapes of different types , photos of great contrast and color and some where simplicity and minimalism is the norm.

It will be difficult not to find in this collection a background that is not to your liking or does not adapt to your mood, although the general trend of them point to colder colors and tend to relax.

All wallpapers in high resolution have a format adapted to the screens of our smartphones , although not all have the same resolution. Of course, the quality is very high in all cases and we will make the most of the screen of our smartphone.

Throughout this article we have shown you all in low quality , since its size of more than 2 or 3 MB per background would saturate the load of the page, but we leave you this link where you can download them in original quality . Hope you enjoy them.