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Wall Street does not need to embrace the Pence Rule out of fear of #MeToo

L and I preface this by saying two things: First, Vice President Mike Pence is free to assume any arrangement…

L and I preface this by saying two things:

First, Vice President Mike Pence is free to assume any arrangement with his wife as he thrives, and what has become popular as the Pence Rule, where he comes do not eat dinner or drink alone with any woman who is not his wife, do not insult me ​​at all.

Secondly, I write this paragraph especially because I think it would be a waste of the centuries of western civilization to determine what Niall Ferguson has called “Secular Sharia” simply because we decide to take sexual harassment and abuse more seriously.

On that remark why why this Bloomberg report on Wall Street bankers refuses to eat, drink or, in principle, reverse in any normal way with female colleagues is nonsense.

“An infrastructure manager invests said he will not meet female employees in rooms without windows anymore, he also keeps his distance in lifts,” Bloomberg reports. “The changes can be subtle but terrible, with a woman saying excluded from everyday drinks, leaving male colleagues to bind or having what should be a private meeting with a manager with the door on the left next door.”

Over 30 Wall Street senior executives “suggest that many are spooked by #MeToo and struggle to cope.”

I’m sad to hear that this moment where millions of victims of sexual assault are forced to relive their worst experiences is difficult for you.

The answer to the # MeToo movement should not be to listen to its strange misandrists, just as the answer to the lifelong movement is not to listen to their fringe misogynists. While it will surely be a persistent and small coalition of card-bearing feminists striking men who keep doors open to them and interpreting every innocent commentary as addiction, the overwhelming majority of women simply want to work and agree with their colleagues.

Most women understand the difference between a male colleague’s genuine compliment on his work or cool shoes or a nice dress as opposed to a leather note intended for sexualization. Similarly, most women do not interpret a beer after work as a passport &#821

1; if you do not have the crazy to throw your hand up on the dress. This is really not difficult. People understand the nuance.

An American family survey found that only 7 percent of women consider being asked to catch a drink like harassment. Only 1 out of 20 consider asking someone to have lunch to be so.

Most working women only want to be treated like their male counterparts. If it is within office culture to have dinner or drinks, there is no reason to exclude women from time that can serve as valuable office networks or build a report with employees. And in addition, sensible women feel the difference between getting a relaxed job after the job and being nominated for a one-on-one candlelit store.

Women as a whole do not change to beading snowflakes, but it will definitely not start puritanic politics without shades or causes.

Now, many people will set limits for their union with the opposite sex because of their marriages or intimate relationships. It’s stupid to fool them and supposed for any stranger to try and deter them. However, if a bank brother or angry feminist can not distinguish the difference between friendship and lecherose, they should sit down and read, not be given the power to determine workplace rules.

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