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“Walking Dead”: What's next for Rick Grimes?

[ThisHistoryContentStoraspoilersOffersOnioepisodfemavCAMC The Walking Dead "What Comes."] The rumor of Rick Grimes's death has been greatly exaggerated. Walking Dead The hero…

[ThisHistoryContentStoraspoilersOffersOnioepisodfemavCAMC The Walking Dead “What Comes.”]

The rumor of Rick Grimes’s death has been greatly exaggerated. Walking Dead The hero died not in her last journey through the AMC drama. Instead, Andrew Lincoln will continue to play the role, albeit in a new movie for AMC, far from Alexandria.

At least we think he is far from the world of Alexandria.

Here’s the truth: Rick’s next step is largely unknown, with only a few people who made their way on the way. Among these persons: Scott M. Gimple, Walking Dead Franchise Manager’s main proprietor, who served as showrunner for several seasons of the flagship series. In addition to his major role as monitoring the Walking Dead trademark, Gimple writes the script for at least the first Rick-centric movie, if not all three of them. Talking to Hollywood Reporter released Gimple the first big spoiler for what to expect from the new movie series: Rick will not die &#821

1; at least not directly.

“I’ll give you a spoiler here: he survives says Gimple.” I’ll say he’s in all three movies. I hate going so far, but it’s crazy not to say. “

Simple enough: Rick Grimes lives and he will stay so. What else do you need to know? Maybe nothing at all. Still, there are still some things to be foreseen about the Rick girls, for example …

1. A or B Stories

What was Jadis (Pollyanna McIntosh) and everyone talking about “A or B” types of people? Expect the question of having a firm answer when Rick Grimes appears in the Walking Dead universe. As Gimple explains, “It serves the overall story of this next story we have for Rick.” Gimple first introduced the helicopter community in season eight of The Walking Dead as Rick practiced the “All-Out War” against Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) and Saviors. Showrunner Angela Kang confirms that we have seen the last Jadis in season nine when she flew off for parts unknown beside Rick in his last episode; she will also impact on Rick’s next adventure.

2. An American Voice

Lincoln left The Walking Dead entitled to spend more time at home with his family in England. It opens the question: can Rick resume the next in an international environment? As convincing as it sounds, do not expect Walking Dead: London as the title and place of Rick’s new adventure. “London is unlikely,” says Gimple, “but you never know.” Recently promoted AMC Programming President David Madden adds: “My guess is that we will surely shoot somewhere in North America, it’s only likely to match any version of the terrain we live in.” It sounds like Rick’s head next time he lives on the same continent as his loved ones.

3. Homeward Bound

“We know Rick Grimes. He would like to be at home.” So says Gimple, which weighs on Rick’s likely motivations in the upcoming film series. In short, whatever happens to the man, it is almost certain that the first goal in his mind will be a return trip to Alexandria. Whether he has achieved that mission? Probably not given Lincoln’s departure from the flagship series. On the bright side there is probably reason to believe that a Rick and Michonne reunion is on the horizon at some point.

4. Space Junk

What could possibly prevent Rick from returning to Alexandria? How about a trip to outer space? No, wait, do not leave! Hear us: Fear the Walking Dead introduced a story about an astronaut who survived the apocalypse, Robert Kirkman once wrote a Walking Dead lark in the series where Rick is in the midst of a space war , and is the song that booked Rick’s trip in the series, Wang Chung’s “Space Junk.” This completely ignores Maden’s comment about having to match the terrain in the Main Walking Dead series, and it is also at least a bit ridiculous, but the very thought that Rick Grimes gets his Walking Dead space jam on is well worth the price. In addition, the show has already dumped; how much more damage to the brand can be hard to become a science fiction cause?

5. Other dangerous possibilities

Rick Grimes: Space Marine is not a likely direction for AMC’s original movies, as much as you would like to do. (It’s me, I am.) But there are other possibilities outside Rick for Rick spin-off, with roots in the Series series. For example, Saga and Y: The Last Man Author Brian K. Vaughan once wrote a Walking Dead a shot centered on Rick Grimes brother stranded in Europe. Can Ricks brother appear in “A or B” history? Perhaps Heath (Corey Hawkins) will make his long-awaited comeback via Walking Dead the movie series? For now, all we can do is speculate on all wild scenarios until AMC announces the next step for the zombie-dying hero.

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