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“Walking Dead” Season 9: Can Rick Escape Death?

[ThisHistoryContentSpoilers'SeasonalEpisodicFireofthe The Walking Dead "The Obliged."] Rick Grimes is dying … unless the story is about to repeat. The future…

[ThisHistoryContentSpoilers’SeasonalEpisodicFireofthe The Walking Dead “The Obliged.”]

Rick Grimes is dying … unless the story is about to repeat.

The future looks sad for Walking Dead the hero, considering where we leave him in “The Obliged.” In the last episode of the episode, Rick is attached to a building material, which has been impaled after being bent from a horse, as two large groups of hikers shamble against their place. Bearing in mind that actor Andrew Lincoln will resign from the next week’s deduction, “What Comes After”, it’s a smart bet that viewers are losing the longest number in the zombie apocalypse.

But what happens if there’s a way out? Is there a chance that Rick could narrowly dodge death, even with so much stacked against him? It would not really be the first time Rick went away from such cruel odds; In fact, the Walking Dead of AMC has attracted the viewers of fake, lethal conclusions before, most memorably when it appeared that Glenn Rhee (Steven Yeun) had died just because the character would appear under a dumpster a handful episodes later. There are no garbage containers nearby when we last left Rick, but any other kind of deus ex machina? It’s not likely, but considering Ricks’s previous brushes with death, the viewers should not mark him for the bill yet.

Talk about the previous brushes with death, see: a quick primer at the most memorable times Rick should have died but did not miraculously.

first The Very Beginning

The first season of The Walking Dead relies on the fact that Rick’s family believed he was dead shortly after the apocalypse began. The fact that a comatose Rick survived a month’s long hospital shelter without any medical treatment or incident from a suitable walker is nothing less than miraculous.

2. It takes bowel

When Rick first met the group, the fans would later be called “Team Family”, he and the others were caught on an Atlanta roof, without any noticeable path through the dead masses . Cue the nasty trick of occupation lie in walker guts to mix with hikers themselves, a tactic he and Glenn used quite efficiently in the second episode of the series and one that was implemented again in the midseason six final.

3. The first whisper

At the end of season 1

, Rick and his family reached Center for Disease Control, hoping to find salvation at last. Instead, they are almost burned by a cynical scientist who had lost all hope in the future of humanity. Nobody should have gone away from the situation alive. Somehow, Rick could convince Dr. Jenner (Noah Emmerich) to let them go and have a chance to live, with just a few minutes on their way to full decimation.

4th Best Friend Match

Much of the second season rested on the power struggle between Rick and Shane (Jon Bernthal), the two men who entered the apocalypse as best friends. Shane and Ricks struggle in a hikers-infected parking lot could have gone even darker, and their last meeting on the fields outside the Greene family farm would have ended in Rick’s death too – unless Rick would take Shane’s life instead, his first big dare to tear down old world morals in favor of the demands of the new world order.

5. Clash with Governor

Ricks Meetings with Governor (David Morrissey) could have stopped even more bloodshed if the show was stuck in the comic book. (In Robert Kirkman’s drawings, the governor struck Rick’s hand during his first meeting.) In the television series’s depiction of events, Governor Rick hit so badly during the prison attack that the zombie-dying hero almost died from his wounds. Even after the game, Rick’s beaten condition was so difficult that it took several episodes before he could get back on his feet.

6. Escape From Terminus

During the season five premiere, Rick and his friends were almost killed and eaten by the Terminus cannibals. Instead, an unexpected attack on the association Rick opened the opening to fight back in one of the most advancing episodes of the entire series. An incorrect move, and it had been a game for Rick and everyone else.

7th Back on the road

After Terminus and a short return to an Atlanta hospital, Rick and his allies were forced on the open road and went on foot. At one point the team of families ended up in a barn, which almost collapsed under a group of hikers and a powerful storm in combination. Everybody should have died that night, not just Rick … and once again all parties made it all night.

8. The Last Day of Earth

It is a violence that requires little reminder: Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) arrives at the scene, Lucille in hand, ready to randomly bludgeon an unfortunate victim of death. Of course, there were two unfortunate victims, but the first person to be murdered – the late, great Abraham Ford (Michael Cudlitz) – could very easily have been Rick or someone else in the circle of death. 19659006] 9. All-Out War

Even in all the above cases, it really did not feel like Rick was really in danger of losing his life … until season eight, the battle between Rick and Negan took one head. The very first episode of the season called Rick’s security questioned, with flashing in the future showing a tired version of the hero. Later he was with his back against a tree, blood putted out of his side. The wound was eventually revealed as superficial in nature, but it was the first time that fans had to seriously consider a Walking Dead world without Rick Grimes in it – and now again, a section away from

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