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Vrabel on Marija's unique game: “Statistics are statistics”

November 27, 2018 Sports 0 Views It's not often a quarterback fills 19 straight passes to open a game and…

It’s not often a quarterback fills 19 straight passes to open a game and still lose. But it was just the kind of unusual night that Marcus Mariota had lost on Houston Texans on Monday’s 34-17.

Mariota finished 22 out of 23 passes for 303 meters and two touchdowns. He also completed 19 straight passes before breaking an incomplete Titan final possession by just over a minute to go.

“Statistics are statistics,” said Titan’s coach Mike Vrabel after the match when he asked Mariano’s string of completions. “The loss is really what I will try to focus on. We must stop running. We can not have others and 25 and third and 20. There are many things other than individual statistics we are trying to focus on.”

Vrabel had good reasons not to be beat by Marija’s statistical achievement. Tennessee gave up six bags on Mariota and the Titans only encouraged three scoring units. In addition to the 1

9 straight supplements only three left 10 meters in the air.

“I can do a better job, but” said Mariota after the match. “I did not help our guys forward – I held the ball for a long time. I caught ourselves in negative situations and took some of these bags. I look back on the movie and get better and improve.”

Still, Marietta’s performance was stable and encouraging given that he was dealing with a headstroke at the beginning of the week that initially threatened his participation in the game. While the finishing touch was impressive, Titans (5-6) has to win several wins to have a shot on a playoff dock.

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