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Vladimir Putin told Mike Pence Russia did not participate in voting: Talesman

November 19, 2018 World 0 Views MOSKVA: President Vladimir Putin denied Russia's commitment when US Vice President Mike Pence asked…

MOSKVA: President Vladimir Putin denied Russia’s commitment when US Vice President Mike Pence asked last week to blend in the 2016 election, Kremlin’s spokesman said.

Dmitry Peskov told Russian television that Pence had “started the conversation with this subject” in a 10-minute talks with Putin on the side of an Asia-Asian Association (ASEAN) Summit in Singapore.

“The Americans are constantly repeating election disturbances like a mantra,” said Peskov on a Sunday evening show on Russian state television.

“The Russian side … also repeats like a mantra:” Why do not you understand how can we explain again to you that the Russian state has nothing to do and has nothing to do with interference in internal affairs or election processes “, he said.

“This, by the way, was also said to Pence,” said Peskov. “We assume that all Putin’s words will be forwarded to the head of the US state.”

Russia has been accused of manipulating 201

6 US presidential elections through a major propaganda campaign in favor of Trump.

US investigators are currently investigating alleged collaboration between Russian agents and Trump’s election campaign.

Trump has always denied such links and was strongly criticized at home for failing to publicly confront Putin with constituencies at a conference that followed talks in Helsinki in July.

Putin and Trump are expected to meet during the G20 summit in Argentina late this month.

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