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Viral iPhone trick moves the cursor as you type, the internet gets crazy for it

What time to live? Oh, sorry, if you own an iPhone that is. Not only have Apple fans just discovered…

What time to live? Oh, sorry, if you own an iPhone that is.

Not only have Apple fans just discovered that iPad Pro can double as a giant fridge magnet, but now we all have our brains melted by the latest iPhone hack. I bet you never knew (because I and I do not know is a tech reporter).

What I’m sharing with you can change how you look at your iPhone forever.

Or it can not make any difference in your life at all.

If so, the rest of us have important things to discuss so excuse me, please.

The magic occurred earlier today when the American food blogger Krissy Brierre-Davis tweeted her discovery after she tried to write a text message.

Brierre-Davis warned us all that if you click and hold the spacebar you can move the cursor instead of trying to drag the cursor yourself with your thick thumb.

And boy George, it works. [1

9659003] So, yes. I let it sink for a second.

You can now browse your texts easily with your big old thumb, find the perfect place to correct to yourself and save valuable seconds of life in the process.

This feature is sure to have a far-reaching impact on our social lives and can change history for an indefinite period.

Cruel textual arguments between innovative lovers will soon be a matter of eloquence and class. Just use this spacebar!

Let your thumb make it heavy and postpone that abuse before throwing it on him and his hot new girlfriend.

Messages like “pack up ur shoot a few ducks one out of my horse “will soon be one thing of the past.

The crazy trick has blown across all social media, as people reveal their horror when they do not know about the shortcut before.

I mean, Roneel was locked in a vulgar fighting with his thumb for years to date.

Jen was shaken to the sky by the news.

And Andrew has finally found something more satisfying than gift packaging.

So it seems that this discovery really made the world a better place. [19659003] And it’s all about it!

So I took the internet to find you some more iPhone shortcuts that will change your life for the better.

Follow me!


This is a dirty trick for those of us whose boyfriends do not answer their phone, despite trying to reach them over the last four years.

Pfft, boys!

When you start your Phone App to call it, instead of typing its number from the beginning or browsing through your Recent or Contact Lists, just turn the green phone image on your handset. [19659003] This will automatically pick up the last number you called.

Then proceed try.


Use three of your most sturdy stick holders to get your look!

With this trick, you can zoom in anywhere on your phone screen by double-clicking the area with three fingers. Why do you ask three?

To enable shortcuts, go to Settings> General> Availability> Zoom.

Turn on this sucker as well as View Controller and you are all set for a three-finger salute.


Well, butter my toast and call me crazy, this iPhone trick is a real beauty.

If you’re the kind of person who likes to get really physical, preferably with your hands and in steamy sweaty conditions, this is the perfect tool for you!

Just open the boring Compass app everyone ignores and sweep left to reveal your

This level will keep it on any construction site and will surely come to impress the guys.


This is bound to be useful next time you try to divide the bill, which is literally everywhere I go.

It’s a scientific fact that neither of us can use our brains anymore to perform simple equations so the humble iPhone calculator really helps to make sums and such.

But the worst part must meet C and start from the beginning when we make a mistake in the middle of the sum.

We no longer need!

Instead of resetting your baby matrices from the start, just swing on the calculator to delete the last number you wrote.


We have all of them. These secret photographs we do not want to show up when we show off our latest holiday snaps.

My (very) personal collection involves a variety of sauces. I’d rather have my colleagues who do not have access.

Pepperrot sauce, ranch sauce and a particularly rare grilled sauce that is now illegal to own.

Now all i need to do on my Photos app find the sick pictures, click Share and select Hide .

The images will be sent to a “Hidden” folder that I can hide in my different albums.

Thumbs up.


You know the three answers you can send people when you try to ignore their conversations?

Sorry, I can not talk right now.

I’m on my way.

Can I call you later?

When you’d rather say: [19659003] I can not talk right now or ever again.

I’m on my way to a concert without you.

Don & # 39; do not call me again or I will contact the police

Well, now you can!

Just go to Settings> Phone> Reply with text and create custom customized answers. Light!

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