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Viola Davis says “stop taming us” at the Hollywood event

LOS ANGELES (AP) –Actress and producer Viola Davis gave an exciting talk about leadership and authenticity to a well-behaved audience…

Actress and producer Viola Davis gave an exciting talk about leadership and authenticity to a well-behaved audience of Hollywood power players Wednesday morning at The Hollywood Reporter’s Women in entertainment breakfast.

Davis, honoring the Sherry Lansing Leadership Award, said she does not always remember when she thinks about the idea of ​​leadership – Martin Luther King, Jr. does – but she tries through her production company to embrace women of color as they really are.

“There is no limit to seeing stories with people of color,” Davis said to a raped crowd that included Mandy Moore, Lupita Nyong, “Awkwafina, Rita Wilson,” the Roma “break Yalitza Aparicio and Kesha. “It’s just so much I’m going to go on this business.”

She said she and her husband Julius Tennon started JuVee Productions because she was tired of celebrating movies that did not have me in it 19659004] “I do not mean me Viola, “said Davis.” I mean to be a black woman. “

She urged those in Hollywood to show more authentic black female characters.” My main message is “stop taming us,” she said. “Everything we are in is what makes art in this world rich … There’s something to say about being wild. Steve McQueen is wild. Barry Jenkins. Ryan Coogler …. These people just dare. Who says you can not silence. “

Even when there are black signs, she said that they are reduced to being modern, to be the savior, to be denied sexuality, to be there to “make the white character feel better. “

” What is in my heart is that I can not lead with asterisk (asterisk) (asterisk), “she said.” I can not help lying. I can not help lying about what the road is out there. “

Her company recently closed a first appearance production agreement with Amazon Studios, where they will produce a film about groundbreaking politician Shirley Chisholm. Davis will starve as the new York congressman.

Davis was a good company at the breakfast event , where comedian Hannah Gadsby chided “good men who talk about bad men” and Monica Lewinsky talked about her “mistakes” and learned to survive and grow from it. [19659004] “We’ve all made a mistake in our career that has come with consequences. And probably everyone in this room can agree that we all today, when it comes to the worst mistake or mistake with the worst consequences, really wins, hands down, says Lewinsky. “Come comfortably with any point you will make a mistake in your career … And know, from the deepest part of you that you can move on from it, you can grow from it and you can survive it.” [19659004] A person who had a mistake was Lena Dunham, who came to the scene with the mother of a woman who accused a “Girls” writer of sexual abuse in November. Dunham then came to support the author, who was her friend, and questioned Aurora Perrineau’s account. Since then, Dunham has become a friend of Aurora and her mother Brittany Perrineau.

“I denied her experience in public. It will always be my biggest regret,” said Dunham. But with Brittany and Aurora’s love, forgiveness and courage it has become my best development and educational moment … I learned to listen. “

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