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Video of Trump says DNC should be ashamed to get hacked resurfaces after NRCC hack revealed

A video from President Trump saying that the Democratic National Committee should be ashamed to allow hacking before the 2016…

A video from President Trump saying that the Democratic National Committee should be ashamed to allow hacking before the 2016 election resumed Tuesday after it was reported that the Republic Republican campaign agency was hacked.

National Security Attorney Bradley Moss retweeted a video from July that showed that Trump talked about how the Republicans were much better protected from cybercrime.

“It’s obvious that @NRCC is going to be ashamed of themselves. It’s the president’s view of cyber security,” said the trumpet critic.

“DNC should be ashamed of themselves to be hacked. They had bad defenses and they could be hacked,” Trump said in the interview “Face the Nation” for CBS News in July. “I heard that they were trying to hack the Republicans too. But, and it might be wrong, but they had much stronger defense.”

“I heard they tried or people tried to hack into the Republican National Committee as well. Republican National Committee, “he said. “But we had much better defense. I have heard from a number of people. We had much better defense so they could not.”

Politico broke the news Tuesday that email accounts for four senior NRCC assistants are being compromised for months before the violations were detected in April by a security service contractor who oversees his network. While the party’s leadership in the Chamber and its members in rank and file was not informed of the intrusion, the NRCC initiated an investigation, and the FBI warned.

The party’s officials did not identify when the attack took place or origin, but they said they thought that a foreign agent was behind the effort.

The report comes after NRCC leaders encountered an agreement with the Democratic Congressional Committee to refrain from using hacked or stolen material on the campaign trail, the New York Times reported in September.

Trumps demolition of DNC in July came after special council Robert Mueller accused a dozen Russian military officials to break into two democratic party computer systems in an attempt to disturb the 201

6 election.

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